Your Feminism Is Not Okay With Me And That Shouldn't Be An Issue

Black Womanhood
There is a women's march going on this weekend and apparently, every feminist should go march because otherwise, you can get your feminist card revoked. Please insert major side eye emoji.
I initially was part of the London March until this week, I was to be one of the photographers and I would do it with every love and light in me.

 I knew the march was not for me in its entirety, yes I recognise as a woman, but to be honest I am a black woman and no matter what the world will treat me with certain prejudices and demands.
I was going to march for equality, equity and sisterhood until I realise the march is a charade to my own personal feminist beliefs. 
A march organised by people who don't regard me and people like me as fully human, who are too sensitive when called out to check their privileges, who invites political parties that use the message of hate and divide, a group that can't see injustice if it is not personal to them, a group that allow another woman to be bullied just because she can't afford to photograph the march for free, a group that somehow can't see beyond their own realities.
So what equality are we talking about? why weren't this women marching to the poll when it mattered? why aren't they asking their sisters, brothers, cousins, mothers and father why the vote for a misogynist orange man?
Why is it that 94 percent of African American women marched to the poll to vote when it mattered and 53 percent Caucasian women made their position on women issues crystal clear when they voted?
So many whys right? We will never be able to all march together and talk equality until Caucasian women take a long look in the mirror and understand that the phrase 'check your privileges' is not an insult.
It is most of the time a friendly reminder and an action of love, I do love all women but I do not have a sisterhood connection with all women.
My sisters are those who understand my struggles and acknowledge that I am not alone. My sisters will never belittle my experience. We have the same struggle because we reside in similar bodies and that body comes with a certain burden. I will not complain to my sister because she knows and understands what it feels like. I feel love for all my sisters (regardless of race, class, religion and sexual orientation) but I feel sisterhood for my brown and black sisters.
There is an eloquent piece on why most non-white women are skipping the march on Colorline and the feminist division on the New York Times.
Will you be marching this Saturday and why are you marching or why not?

Black women sisterhood

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