How to travel solo in a black woman's body: The Good, The tips and the not so great (2016 recap)


What is the biggest lie you have been told about your black womanhood and what is your truth?
I always got asked what I do for a living to afford travelling especially as a black woman.
My response: work, save, travel and repeat but in this video, I am sharing my own experiences and all the tips worth knowing as a solo female traveller and specifically a black woman.
All the things to be aware of, how to save up, best travel apps and what to expect as a black woman travelling the world solo.

Websites for cheap tickets:

1. Skyscanner
2. Momondo
3. Edreams
3. Flights Ahead (App)
4. All useful app


Tips & What to Expect:

1. Find bargains in the websites and apps above.
2. Go out there, but start from your city/neighbourhood.
3. Face your fear
4. Don't let others define the world for you.
5. The news is not always unbiased
6.Use low-cost airlines like Ryanair for short flights.
7. Don't book in high season
8.Bring a dictionary
9. Watch my video for all the tips and what to expect on your trip.

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