Christmas Gift Ideas for her: Skincare

Christmas Gift For Skincare Lover

If you know me by know you know I am a skincare lover and since I am sure I am not the only one.
I am here with the first Christmas gift idea for the ladies in your life or even for yourselves.
There is no better feeling than waking up to your best skin and for that to happen you need to take care of your skin always with the right product.

*this post contains affiliate links and Sponsored products. If you buy something from a link here, I may be able to buy a mansion some day. Lots. As always, all opinions are my own.*

La Roche-Posay Skincare Set

1. La Roche-Posay Skincare Set

I got these amazing skincare set at the airport in Copenhagen last month and I have to say I am so hooked! These products are the best things that have happened to my skin I kid you not. The joy of duty free shopping is a bliss.

The Afro Hair and Skin Company Flow Facial Oil

2. The Afro Hair and Skin Company Flow Facial Oil

This is also a new addition to my skincare routine, I have mentioned this in last month's introduction post of the Afro Hair and Skin Company. I am so waiting to review this and give you all the awesome details but one thing I have to say GO GET IT!

The Clinique Pep-Start Set

3. The Clinique Pep-Start Set

This is the latest clinique skincare products and there is a hype in the beauty world about it. I am just trying it out thanks to the generous people at Clinique for sending it out to me. 
If you are a fan of clinique products then I will say give it a go and if you
 have very oily skin then go ahead and try it.

Clinique Moisturising Lotion

4. Clinique Moisturising Lotion

Can we all just ignore the fact that it says it is for men? I will never get why we gender products like cream for the life of me.
This is also another clinique gift that I am currently loving in the cold winter of London. I love this lotion and so this my skin.

Clay Face Mask

5. Clay Face Mask

This is another product I got from a trip, I bought this at a local beauty store in Amsterdam.
Hema is like the Boots or Superdrug of the Netherlands and this mask just cost literally one Euro.
Since I can't find it online, I am dropping you a link of a similar clay mask.

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