Unboxing of the Afro Hair and Skin Company Products

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Black-owned business, organic and vegan products, then natural hair and skincare oil and am sold.
Here is the unboxing of a very beautiful box that is very dear to my heart as a Nigerian woman.
I support all businesses that are founded by my fellow Nigerian women, especially when they put their best foot forward and run the extra mile for their customers.
These are hair and skincare products from Ibi of The Afro Hair and Skin Company.
I hope you enjoy this unboxing video and I will come back in the next months with a proper review post and video.
Watch the video on my youtube channel below.

PS: Happy new month and did you all know I have moved to England? Posts coming soon on all that.

Thank you for supporting brands that support us.

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  1. everythingcurvyandchicNovember 3, 2016 at 1:09 PM

    I may need to try this

  2. I'm always interested in black owned. Thanks for sharing. I'll be checking this out when my stash is low.

  3. These really sound like great products! I like that they are made with vegan and organic products. That makes them even better!


  4. I love seeing new black owned business. Love the packaging, very classy!

  5. THESE aesthetics are amazing!

  6. I love this! Awesome video!!

  7. Boxes are the new thing! These look nice! Thanks for sharing.

  8. great review. I would love to try her products


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