A Seat At The Table

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Disclaimer! I am breaking my silence and I hope you are ready to hear me out.
People are getting killed every day by the police, the Russian drones, hurricane Mathew, a journey through the Mediterranean, a suicide bomb in Kabul, and the list is endless.
Nobody is discussing  these issues, though, hurricane Mathew came close to Florida and magically everyone starts marking themselves ''safe'' on Facebook, the same hurricane tearing down lives in Haiti, East Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas. But I guess these countries aren't worthy of the ''safe'' button or even a temporary Facebook flag change.
So far more than 870 people have lost their lives in Haiti, according to IOM(International Organisation for Migration) the number of people dead in the Mediterranean amounts to 3,610 in 2016, hospitals with wounded young children are currently been bombed by Russian air crafts, last week the E.U. signed a deal to deport all Afghan refugees back to a war zone.

Ben & Jerry joined the Black Lives Matter movement in an effort to bring awareness to the unjust deaths of African Americans and put a stop to police brutality, guess what? People (mainly White People as usual) were offended!

Solange invites us all to the table in her latest album and I believe it is about goddam time.
I am tired of having to point out systematic racial injustice and discriminative behaviours.
I am tired of being afraid, to write, to speak my mind because of my race,gender and nationality.
I am tired and I cannot breathe, I cannot shut up.
I am a Black African woman, if I have to explain to you why you have certain privileges as a non-black, non-queer,non-Arab, non-Muslim,I need you to stop for a second.
Ask yourself one question '' why does it bother you, when I say'' Black Lives Matter? or when I say refugees welcome? or why does the Burkini pose a threat to you?
I need you to think whose lives are more valuable, who do we mourn and who do we ignore? Why did we all get a flag for Paris, Brussels but can't get one for Haiti, Allepo, Jamaica, DRC, Eritrea, and Kabul?

I dedicated to this post to all those lost lives. My platform, creative art, and voice are to unify and empower.

So I use to post to join the amazing bloggers that initiate the hashtag #bloggersforblacklives and invite you all to join and watch the Youtube video I created for 'Life According to A Nigerian Greek Woman' below.
We must all unite if we are all HUMANS.

Dress: c/o Hallelujah, Kicks, Hat: H&M, Bag: Hermes, Watch c/o: Jord Wood Watch.

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  1. Love your dress! And I agree, all lives are valuable. No question about it.


  2. Agree! And u look awesome girl!

  3. I've almost come to admitting that things will not change, at least in my lifetime. I feel everything :-(

  4. Great post and its true...where is the floss for Haiti and how do we decide who we will support??

  5. I think we're all ready to pull up a seat at the table. It gets tiring and frustrating to attempt to prove our worth.

  6. I'm loving a seat at the table. Been sitting there for a while wondering why half of the world doesn't want to join me. They need to partake.

  7. The world is becoming a scary place. I honestly can't believe that in this day and age there is SO MUCH HATE AND DISCRIMINATION. Black lives do matter and I can't believe there are people taking offence to this?! I have a real annoyance with how people take the piss out of feminism these days, both males and females. Anyone who wants equality for all is labelled negatively which is ridiculous. I also DESPISE when people use the term political correctness gone mad to justify their insults. Or can't people take a joke. I really HATE when people say these things because it diminishes the offending party and makes their feelings irrelevant. Their feelings are valid and saying otherwise is saying you're superior to them which isn't the case. Why are they so resistant to change? Why can't we let refugees who are trying so desperately to escape the same people we are afraid of into our countries? The thing is you're not born to hate, it is something that is learned and hopefully with our generation and younger generations we will be the ones to make REAL change to the world and make it more equal, just and peaceful no matter where you live or what you look like.


  8. I agree, great post. Sometimes I just want to escape this reality and find peace.

  9. Beautiful photos and you look lovely. Great post and I always want to escape reality.


  10. First of all, I love your outfit here, you nailed it!
    Second, I'm an Asian and not a fan of white-privilege behavior. It's very depressing to see these kind of discrimination, and what do they get? NOTHING. People should be more open-minded because we are all equal.

  11. Thank you Sonia for taking a stand and your eloquently written comment.
    I really hope more people will use their voice and stand up.

  12. There is a link in video's description box to help Haiti.

  13. I'm trying hard to maintain my sanity amongst the insanity. I too have been thumping Solange. She so eloquently created an album that says what I'm thinking.

  14. Your self care is essential and do take care of yourself first and foremost!

  15. Tia @ financiallyfitandfabOctober 12, 2016 at 2:34 AM

    That is a beautiful dress! The world really has become a crazy place. It is super important to pray for the world.

  16. I recently left a Facebook I enjoyed because they made it clear that they take the position of all lives matter. I simply could no longer be a part of a group that didn't understand my plight as a black person in a world that continues to define people by skin color. Thank you for your activism. Your pictures and view are beautiful!

  17. I think everyone is in love with the Solange album. It's the first thing I've ever purchased on iTunes

  18. I did not even know about the hastag #bloggersforblacklives. This is a movement I would love to be a part of as I, like you, am sick of the blatant racism. It is so blatant that it cannot be ignored yet everyone does.

  19. So unfortunate about the hurricane in Haiti. People there are equally important.

    Mind blowing photo series! You look gorgeous and I like the confidence with which the dress is worn.

  20. Dear, I was raised without any discriminatory mindset, so I am truly with you. I can't stand injustice or any kind of discrimination. I quote you word by word.

  21. Girl you are giving me all type of Crane in the Sky Vibes. I am so happy for Solo its an amazing album and you look fab!

  22. The red dress is so beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  23. Love, love, LOVE this look! You are such a beauty, inside and out, Adeola! :)

  24. wow such a perfect look for you!And I love how you combined the colours from the dress and the glasses :*

  25. Great post. It's sad that this is the world we live in. Your words and genuine emotion is evident and appreciated. Thanks for sharing.


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