Sex & the City (African Edition) : An African City and Why You Must Date Nigerian Men

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Have you ever thought of Samantha as a Nigerian-Ghanian millennial woman? Would you dump a guy because he sweats too much, he snores too much, he uses the toilet in your brand new apartment?
As a millennial African diaspora, I always find it hard to fit into the identity my environment expects from me or explain the term returnee to my European friends and partner.

I mean even my computer underline returnee as incorrect, so how do you explain it to people. Trying to explain to my Greek friends who to them I am always Nigerian, why my Nigerian client called me a foreigner and Greek meaining it as an insult of course.
It was never an issue until my friends start moving back to West African and I start thinking maybe it is time for me to also Euroexit (see Grexit,Brexit).
My best friend is moving to West Africa this month and what a perfect timing to find the absolutely surreal web series An African City. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a western raised and educated woman with all the perks and downs that come with that upbringing in Africa, then this show is for you.
The fashion on the show is ultimate perfection, getting into the lives of 5 millennial African women is what I needed at this crossroad.
The series is a story of five Ghanian-American-Nigerian women finding their way back to love and Africa in Accra Ghana unapologetically embracing their multiple cultural identities.
Watched the entire first season in a day and already bought the second season for me and my girl who will be flying to Gabon next month,
I just hope she survived the noise of the generator and the lack of air conditioner, the sexist work environment,  I will not explain this to you at all.
While we are on the topic of  Africa and my Nigerian heritage, there is a new video on my channel on why you must all absolutely date a Nigerian guy at least once in your life.
If you love a good laugh, then go watch the video,
As you read this post I am on my flight to Frankfurt for some good time with my girls, I will be vlogging on InstaStories.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Sounds like a great series on West African culture!

  2. Ωραια αυτα τα μεγαλα σκουλαρικια!

    Τωρα που το λες ειχα γνωρισει πριν πολλα χρονια ενα nigerian boy στο Λονδινο, τον Έντι. Ηταν συγκάτοικος της κολλητης μου φιλης. Συμπαθεστατος... ειχε 3 κοπέλες ταυτοχρόνως χα χα!

  3. I can completely relate to this post! Everything you said rings true for me and there is always that feeling of living in two different worlds but not quite being fully foreign or at home!


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