Serena Williams For Self Magazine September and How to Twerk into the Weekend.

Serena September 16 SELF Cover.jpg

Serena Williams winning the Wimbledon, playing at the Olympics, twerking in Beyonce's sorry video, I mean is there something she doesn't deliver?

I will be supporting her while she does her magic in Rio but before that how about we learn some twerking moves from her for the weekend partying?
Oh and her September cover and editorial for SELF Magazine is pretty dope to look at.
Have a wonderful weekend you all.

 photo Strong Serena_zpswl2cywe2.png

 photo Serena Doing Camel Pose_zpsyhzbxfmx.png

 photo serena_zps0lgm4kcn.png

 photo Serena Williams in Bathing Suit_zps1ufc1yty.jpg

 photo Serena William Strong is The New Sexy_zpsjvn5ajyf.jpg


  1. She is so hot and cool! Cant wait to Rio starts!:) Happy weekend my girl! xo

  2. She's so strong, beautiful and inspiring! Happy weekend lovely x

    Love from London,

  3. men she is damn sexy... awwwww Thanks for sharing, totally love it

  4. Θα το δοκιμάσω lol:)

    Happy weekend!


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