My Experience as a Makeup Consultant for Black Woman with Radiant Professional Make up

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The beauty industry in Greece has been totally white for a very long time.
The society like to deludes itself that we are a homogenous country, which is far from the true.
As a black greek beauty blogger, it is a battle to find a beauty product that works for my skin and tone and when we talk about foundation and concealer, there is nothing for women like me at the counter.

Thankfully all these will stop in the fall of 2016. The Greek makeup and skincare brand Radiant Professional Make Up  under the company Hellenica S.A decided to broaden their audience by including women with darker skin  tone than ivory.
I worked with them as a consultant pre-production to check out the samples and discuss with the team what changes could be done in terms of shades, tones, models, product quality, consistency, and undertones.
The team was pleasant in communicating my ideas with, very efficient, respectful and we did have a blast working together.
Watch the video below to see what my experiences consulting for the first ever beauty products for black women from a Greek brand.
Here is to hoping other Greek Company will follow in this bold step of Radiant.

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  1. i love this! you have such an amazing blog :)


  2. They have very good products!
    I'm glad they chose you!

  3. Amazing! And so are u my girl, loving ur lace top as well! xo

  4. Great post! It's always good when a brand thinks about the range of customers for their product. Take care, Madison x

  5. Niceee post girl... Kisses


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