August Air


Thank you July for leaving with all your craziness and chaos.
The year seems to be on a ride to hell and we are all forced to be in the vehicle some how.
I am in shocked of all the events of July but I am also glad to have the luxury of being away from my routine and spend valuable time with people who actually get what I was going through and what I needed at every moment.
Travelling cures the soul off of almost everything, most times all we need is a break from reality and just fly away.

I did a video on self-care in this terrible times we are all living and how to share and accept whatever it is that we are feeling and just hope it all work out fine in the end.
August better get its shit together and be a good one! I will be more present blogging this month and more video on health, travel, social issues  will be on the blog from now.
If you want to see all the images from Barcelona and Catalunya in general, then fasten your seat-belt for this month's posts. I will be visiting Germany mid month, so I am not done travelling at all.
Please check out the video and let me know how you are taking care of yourself in the chaos that we now call reality.
Cheers to a cheerful August.


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  1. EdyeNicolesMakeupAugust 1, 2016 at 2:01 AM

    Self care is so important! Have a great week <3


    Edye |

  2. What can I say if not that I am really really worried about what is happening? My son is only 7 years old and he will face a cruel world

  3. The world is indeed in a heaping of mess. It's good to clear the mind, travel, broaden horizons (and think positive thoughts). I am staying busy, and a little weekend journeying mostly. Enjoy your holidays! Liebe Grüße, Madison :)

  4. This blogpost is so inspiring.

    x Karen

  5. Great blog dear! x


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