The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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Finding the perfect denim that wouldn't result in any allergic reaction, can go casual or also step up on a night out is a struggle lately.
The particular Topshop pairs above are my favourite, they just fit like a glove, so I can't help myself.
While I totally love talking about my super skinny jeans and that madly cute levis vest, I have to talk to you about something else.

There is something about denim and the movie sisterhood of the travelling pants that makes me want to share my latest video on "Life According to a Nigerian Greek Woman".
Living in a society where we all think we are entitled to voice our unsolicited advice and uninformed opinions.
The video below is about the lost of sisterhood in the communities, we now live in, I share with you, my experiences, observations in the Greek and Nigerian community.
The way women crucify each other, instead standing in solidarity is actually frightening and disappointing.
I invite you to watch the video and join the dialogue in the comment session.
Do you believe there is hope for us to rebuild that bond of sisterhood and solidarity?
You are all my sisters by the way, I am sending you all lots of love and hope you all have a productive week.





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  1. I like your skinny jeans and the sunnies! Have a great week.


  2. As always great shots and another great outfit.

  3. I think as fashion stylists, we sometimes forget to dress to chill we tend to go all out in our outfits. I like this a lot, very cool & chill.

  4. Interesting look for the outdoors. Greetings!


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