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When Justin sang "am bring sexy back" in my head it goes along this way " am bringing a sexy back"
That has been my theme for the last fashion two events I attended this past month.
Since it is Friday and I am sure most of you are quite excited to go out and party the weekend away, I am sharing this look in the hope to inspire .

My aim is to build a backless army of stylish party goers, is that a thing or not?
This is another event look sponsored by Crochelle, remember the previous blush pink dress we love so much?
I wore this look on a Friday night to the Athens Fashion Room Service, which is basically an evening of mingling with new greek designers and partying with Absolut and the staffs of Ozon Raw magazine hosted in two Athenian hotels.
I was at the Fresh Hotel event and also kind of drop by the Grecotel on for a picture at their artsy lobby.
I discovered new creatives and took a moment with the girls at Lommer bag room to congratulate them on their recent addition to the brand.
I did had a blast even though i couldn't stay long due to some rude guy making some nasty comment about me.

Style Tip

One thing people always ask me about a backless dress is "what bra do I wear with this dress?" The answer is one my dears Silicon bra or if you are like me no bra at all !!!

Will you be partying in a backless dress this weekend? Whatever you do this weekend, have a BLAST!

I wore: 

Dress c/o :  Crochelle (Thank you for dressing me for my events)
Shoes: Tamaris
Bag: Escada
Hair c/o : Hair Rock
Lipstick: Mac "Ruby Woo.

                                                                                                                 Photography by : Katerina S

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  1. You look great as always! I've always been a huge fan of backless dresses for events, to me they are sexier and sophisticated- a backless dress is like a very good surprise.. hope you had an amazing time at the event!

  2. You look incredibly stunning! And you seriously rock the backless look. I'd love to be part of your army but I tend to shy away from it because I have broad shoulders!


  3. The dress looks totally stunning on you! Just WOW!


  4. Your body is freaking amazing! You can pull off any dress dear!
    Lovely bag as well!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  5. Oh gorgeous!!! You're definitely bringing sexy back darlyn! Love that dress! The color and the back are amazing!

  6. Nice dress and great party look!

  7. That's a beautiful party look!



  8. Len Dela Peña ParentApril 25, 2016 at 5:37 PM

    Total inspiration! Love your look babe. Happy Monday darling!
    Much love, Len

  9. Looks like a fun event, girlie! I love your look, the dress is so pretty! I hope you're having a great start to your week so far and thanks so much for sharing!



  10. I love the backless dress on you. It is so flattering! The color is gorgeous. And so are your photos. I hope you're having a great start to your week. Happy Monday.
    - Elise XO

  11. You look stunning! love the dress, it suits you perfectly.


    Tamara -

  12. Looking gorgeous dear! These pieces are great. Love your outfit so much, and hope that you have a lovely weekend. /Madison


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