The New Acropolis Museum

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Welcome to the month March you all!! Every respectable traveller is already planning their summer vacation. In case Athens is in your plan, thank me later.
There is one place you should not miss when you are in Athens.
The all new Acropolis museum is for everyone, whether you are a museum lover or not, it will intrigue you.

I have been lucky to visit very frequently during my one year stay in Athens. I always find new things to wonder and think about after every single visit.
The secret no one will tell you is always start from the third floor and finish down.
Visitor always began the tour from the ground floor, get carried away with food on the 2nd floor (restaurant/cafe) and miss all the fun on the third floor.
Oh and don't miss the documentary on the last floor so you will understand the entire exhibit at the museum.
After visiting the museum, you new stop should be the Acropolis itself.
These are pictures from a visit with my Humanity in Action sisters after our Athens study trip.

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  1. It sounds very interesting, I'd like to visit this museum. Thanks for sharing. <3 Hope you enjoy March so far. Yes, let the summer holiday planning begin. :)

  2. Wish I visited it soon so maybe I could meet u as well! Looking very interesting and precious, thanks for the tips! Hugs my girl <3

  3. I have been to the Acropolis but not to this museum. Ah, another reason to return to Athens sometime soon.

  4. I sure hope to visit Athens some day. This is awesome.

  5. Ωραιο μουσειο με ωραια θεα!

  6. Athens is certainly on my travel list in the near future. Great share.

    Natasha B |


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