Santorini Travel Diary: Oia plus Video (pt 1)

 photo Vacation in Santorini_zpsrdpltrpq.jpg

 photo White houses and Windmill in Santorini_zpsuxly3mlg.jpg

Can we talk about my "wake up in Paradise" experience?  Last month I decided it was time to cross Santorini off my bucket list and drink my morning coffee with the magical view of one of the most stunning treasure of Greece.

Santorini is a dream you see with your eyes wide open. I am still blown away by its incredible beauty and can now totally understand why it is on the list of places you must visit before you die.
It was a 30 minutes flight away from Athens and visiting in February gave me the chance to see its magic without all the "annoying" tourist chaos.
I know people love visiting this Island in summer, but to really see it at your own pace. I suggest you go before the tourist season, anything before April.
Words can not fully describe Santorini, so I am sharing this image and video loaded series of post with you.
Today I will share my captures from Oia and a full video I took in Oia, Kamari and Thira. Promise to come again with more of Santorini though.
Enjoy and let the blue skies, blue domes wash away your Monday blues.

 photo Greek Island_zpsukxwzddt.jpg

 photo Beautiful Sky In Oia Santorini_zpsnogmyllu.jpg

 photo get away in Santorini_zps31cnartv.jpg

 photo Another day in Paradise Santorini_zpsalqlepe7.jpg

 photo Blue and White Church in Santorini_zpsmrnyfhuo.jpg

 photo Picturistic Greece_zpsx7ekbfrr.jpg

 photo Little Church in Santorini Greece_zpsm7cpheyf.jpg

 photo Hills of Santorini_zpsqliphn3a.jpg

 photo Hill Paths in Santorini_zpsplmr4kxx.jpg

 photo Santorini Editorial_zpse3t4smqv.jpg

 photo Santorini Landscape_zpso8cczvo5.jpg

 photo Santorini Oia from above_zpsefgks7zh.jpg

 photo Waking up in Santorini_zpsa7tprh7k.jpg

 photo What to wear in Santorini_zpsaqgjmi21.jpg

 photo Small alley in Oia Santorini_zps2ubieuqd.jpg

 photo Window View in Santorini_zpsqplzqob9.jpg

 photo Where to eat in Santorini_zpsf025dh59.jpg

 photo White Minimal Greece_zpskbacxtwu.jpg

 photo Small Restaurant in Oia Santorini_zpsjooburpg.jpg

 photo Santorini Port_zpsank6omur.jpg

 photo Greek Fashion in Santorini_zpsbm5jmbil.jpg

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