Cinnamon Addict

 photo Natural Hair Editorial_zpsjf95ngpj.jpeg

My addiction for cinnamon is finally documented in a fashion editorial and all I can say is yeah!
I will give you a sneak but if you want to see the entire editorial and read about my addiction, you will have to visit Alina's food photography website called (Gourmetre).
Don't be shy now, tell me if you are also an addict or not in the comment below.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

 photo gourmetre2_zpsg6whlkt9.jpeg


  1. I like it too! And girl, you are just mesmerizing in that photo, keep to stare at it! Hugs! xo

  2. I do like things with cinnamon and ginger, that's for sure. This is a beautiful photo by the way!

  3. Cinnamon is so good for you, I use it everyday. Super Bild auch ... Happy Spring! LG, Madison
    Easter Inspiration

  4. I'm an addict to many things but not cinammon :)

  5. love love cinammon, ολοι μου λένε ότι δεν πίνω καφέ απλα τρωω ρυζογαλο!! χαχαχ many kisses doll
    thinking of u

  6. I love, love the first photo so much! And yea, I love cinammon too. For me it is a smell of the Christmas. :)


  7. Μπόλικη κανένα στο ρυζόγαλο και στον καπουτσίνο ;)

  8. Gorgeous photos! I'm not a cinnamon addict, but I think it tastes good!


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