Urban Minimalism with Hallelujah

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I am making a strong case for minimal, fierce and urban style in this issue of the "Greecebylocals".

Hallelujah is an Athenian women fashion brand by Eleftheria Domenikou. When I first walked into their shop with my friend, I could clearly see how the brand's image reflects simplicity, power and confidence.

A dress immediately caught our attention and when we entered the store.We were welcome with warm smiles and left with our dresses and some bad ass uplifted spirits. This was last summer when my friends and I were having one of those bad days where nothing could humour us and go right for a change.
The clothes are made of impeccable quality with unique and very simple designs, all of which are made in Greece and sketched by Eleftheria.
After what seemed like forever, we finally arranged to meet with Eleftheria, after having researched her work and hearing so much about her from a mutual acquaintance in the Greek fashion scene.
My talk with her was more than pleasant; she is a vibrant woman knows what she wants and goes exactly after it.
What inspires me about her is her kind spirit and jovial energy. Our talk was not an interview in any way, it was more of woman squad reunion. It felt like we have known each other for a long time, which is a bit true, at least virtually.
She was very respectful of all my clothing choices, locations and the overall concept. It was perfectly aligned with what her brand was all about. I was ready and free to creative in whatever crazy way I wanted.
She also introduced me to her good photographer friend that is also doing a wonderful project and wanted to work with me.
I was thrilled for all the Girl Power. I love love love working with distinguished women, who know that they are divas in their own terms. Did you all see what I did there? Introducing finally the new face of the blog.
It has been long overdue to make all the website more uniform. I love that the blog name and url now match and reflect the message I always wanted to pass around.
Now your turn to tell me what you think of the editorial and the blog makeover. Comment below
Have yourselves a beautiful month of February.

Looks curated and Styled by Myself: Adeola Naomi
Photography by : Alina Lefa All Clothing are courtesy of : Hallelujah Shoes: Dr Marteens, Vans and Swedish Hasbeens.
Makeup  and Hair by Myself: Adeola Naomi.

If you are ever in Athens or you are an Athenian ( Sales Going On now) visit:

Hallelujah Studio: 32 Archelaou St, Pagrati, Athens, Greece 
Hallelujah Store: 16 Apollonos St, Syntagma, Athens, Greece 

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 photo Slit-and-cutout-Maxi-Skirt _zps81qxkbhu.jpeg

 photo Rooftop-Editorial-Styling-Tip_zpsftpzsx2z.jpeg

 photo Midi-Skirt-and-Crop-Top_zpsrxyuijmw.jpeg

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 photo Fierce-Black-African-Fashion-Influencer_zpstmtaxgox.jpeg

 photo Urban-Editorial-Rooftop-Oxblood-Dress_zpsjscgrvtu.jpeg

 photo Minimal-Scandinavian-Style_zpsw1ci5ixi.jpeg

 photo Flying-in-Heels-Over-Metropolitan_zpscggvrfrk.jpeg

 photo Soft-Body-Hugging-Dress_zpsnhki0ive.jpeg

 photo Side-Braid-And-Midi-Dress_zpseltibi2i.jpeg
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  1. είσαι φοβερή!!Πάντα με όμορφες προτάσεις στα ρούχα!!!

  2. You have such great style and I love the location of your images too.

  3. Mademoiselle CoconathFebruary 2, 2016 at 4:27 AM

    Your outfit looks great!


    Mademoiselle Coconath


  4. She must be a special designer, the clothes are amazing! And so are u in these shots my girl, so so so beautiful! xo

  5. Nice post and pretty photos !



  6. The clothes and the photos look superb! And you of course as well!!! Thanks for sharing.


  7. Absolutely one of my favorite posts by you. This editorial is killing it. I love everything your wearing and your fantastic poses.

  8. Παρα πολύ ωραία ρούχα!


  9. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me.

  10. i love the long grey skirt, all of the clothes fit you so perfectly too =o)


  11. Such a fun shoot! loving that burgundy dress.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog
    Modavracha | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  12. Thank you! Athens is a great place to photograph

  13. This editorial is perfection! That shot of laying down on the floor but posted vertically is a great use of illusion!


  14. The amazing look and style. I love the way of your styling and fashion.

  15. Lovely post!! I love your editorial heartily.


  16. Thank you all for your comments and support!


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