The Single Exercise you need for a strong and toned body and how to do a Mountain Climber

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It's that time of the year again. You will wonder what time? The time everyone is busy getting themselves back to the gym.
I am bring this video for those of you who are trying to build up a home fitness practice.

The mountain climber is the best single exercise that targets the entire muscular system of our body.
Do this exercise daily for at least 10 minutes (10 reps of 1 Minute interval) and you will see your heart rate going up and your body firm.
I broke down the full body workout exercise in the video for both beginners and advance fit fan.
Put your favourite song on and let it burn.
You are getting the best of both worlds in result from this single exercise. Strength, tone and firmness.
All you need is your body weight and some music optional of course.
Great tip: Engage all the muscle of your frontal and posterior muscles.


  1. I haven't worked out for about a month and I can really feel it... Your post motivates me to get more active again.

  2. Wonderful inspiration. I have been getting back into my workout routine, early in the wee hours of the morning is though though. haha. :)
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  3. Since I'm getting back into workout mode, I'll have to include mountain climbers into my regimen. But man, 10 minutes? I'll have to work my way up to that.


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