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Oh yes! I  know I am probably stone age late to the Iphone wagon. Everyone around me is on their Iphone 6S plus now, so that should say something about me finally bending under the peer pressure.
I was a die hard Samsung galaxy fan or correctly anything that is not Apple fan.

My holiday gave me some insights though into the clarity of Snapchat / Instagram and whatsoever image of Iphones.
I was actually embarrassed for Samsung on image quality of their phone camera for a moment.
Oh dear lord, and the amounts of creative apps I have been playing with, woow.
I got the white I phone 5 and I can't wait to get my hands on the rose gold 6S, but baby steps.
One thing I am loving at the moment, apart from snapchatting like a maniac,  is the vain hunt for cases both online and in stores.
I am thinking of this rose gold "no selfie control" right now, but in a minute I might change  my mind.
These decisions are not set in stone and I hope I am not the only one.
Any fancy case you want to share? drop me a link in the comment.
Have a wonderful weekend dears.


  1. The first phone case is my favourite! :)

  2. Love the first one!


    || Floortjeloves ||

  3. Love it!!! Bonjour from FRANCE, Sand.


  4. I love the first one, even tough I decided not to put a case on my phone anymore.

  5. Ha! Some of these are cute, and hilarious. I could use a new iPhone case, but probably will do something solid with texture. <3
    Style Files

  6. Sorry I lost you to the iPhone family, lol. I'm still holding strong with my Samsung. I do like that Too Glam phone case, though.

  7. These are too cute! I've been meaning to look for a new case recently..

    Emma | Seeking the South

  8. So cute! I love changing up my iPhone cases - definitely an accessory on it's own!

  9. I totally need a new phone and a NEW phone!! These are cute, thanks for sharing!

  10. LOVE the "No Selfie Control," too cute!!! :)

  11. Γελαω με το too glam!!!

  12. I love them all so cute! I love the Too Glam one haha!

    Jasmine :)


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