Let's Get Personal : 25 random facts about me #AskNaomi

 photo 25 facts about me_zps4pg7mist.jpg

A video to answer some of your questions. As the year is running away from us once again and we are all finally in holiday mood. I plan to get very personal, meaning to get to know you and answer some of your questions / curiosity about my crazy little world.

Watch the video below for all the answers to your own question on this giveaway post . The giveaway is still on in case you haven't entered yet. 200 Euros worth of jewellery sounds amazing to me.
Do you still have more questions you want to ask me? drop them in the comment section.


  1. Loved the video... Love u more now...hehheh

  2. Great video! I love Naomi Campbell too haha!!

  3. Great video and answers, so lovely to hear more about you dear. x/Madison
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