Festive Evening Monochromatic Outfit

 photo Gold Necklaces_zpsrug5agkc.jpg

The dress over pants is a trend I am so into lately, it is all over the fashion scene. I find it very stylish and yet practical.
This year Christmas seems to be a lot warmer in Italy and Greeece. The silk dress on top of a grey denim jeans seems perfect for the dinner party outfit.
After  putting up this look that I will suggest for your Chrstmas ever dinner party or even Christmas dinner.

We headed out to shoot in the very old Christmas centre of the ages ago glorious Athens pro crisis.
The fact that we both feel awed at the sight of this very old goth club with the very controversial graffiti.
It maked me think about how we all get carried away by the material things of Christmas that we miss the very message of the holiday season.
While taking the pictures, a lot of things were going through my head about how capitalism has turn us all into gullible cosumers. I decided against it and just let the images to do the talking and you are all very intelligent beings that you probably do not need my anti capitalism lecture.
What will you be wearing to your Christmas parties people?
From my family to yours, have a very merry Christmas!

Wearing: Dress/H&M, Jacket/ Apple Bottom, Sunglasses/ Gucci, Clutch/ Accessorize, Jewels c/o Meet The Cat, Shoes/ Tamaris, Jeans/ Topshop, Watch/ Anne Klein.

 photo Monochromatic Christmas look_zpssmbhczyq.jpg

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 photo Silk dress over denim jeans_zpskmmxhn2r.jpg

 photo Monochromatic Christmas look_zpssmbhczyq.jpg

 photo Round Sunglasses_zpsbadrmjtu.jpg

 photo Wave and blonde hair_zpsdxoxh5ia.jpg

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 photo Red Tamaris heels_zpsj5dwdt8u.jpg


  1. Loving this look on you and the photos, they feel so editorial. I'm not a huge fan of the dress over pants look on myself, I can't pull it off but I do love it on others.


  2. It's been very warm over here too.
    Very, beautiful outfit.

  3. Doran HauteBeautyGuideDecember 22, 2015 at 10:02 PM

    That jacket is EVERYTHING!


  4. Great photos, and I really love the editing and the location where you took them. Happy Holidays! <3

  5. I like that you're letting the images do the talking. Love the jewels!

  6. Love the photo shoot; you look so glamourous!


  7. Beautiful look! Happy holidays!!!

  8. Gorgeous outfit!

  9. Have a great day!

  10. So smashing, stylish and beautiful as ever! Happy New Year my girl, lots of love! xo

  11. On Christmas day the weather was 72 degrees here in MD, the weather has been acting up. You look great, I also like the back drop of your pictures with your outfit!!

  12. Ααααα τα γιεινα χρωμα δειχνουν τοσο σικ πάνω σου!

    Καλή και ομορφη Κυριακη... αν και η ομιχλη δεν βοηθα.



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