Can Women Ever Win Even When It Comes To Their Very Own Body?

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Every little girl/lady/woman has at least once in her life been told of appearing too sexy or that her outfit is too revealing. As a young millennial woman who also happen to be a yoga teacher/student, there were moment people will tell me that a specific pose is too provocative,my yoga outfits are too revealing.
Women are always being accused of wearing too much or too little clothing depending on the geographical and cultural perspective.

The justification is always along the line of  "you are making men think of sex with that skirt of yours", "you are being too sexy in that pose/dress or exercise", "your scarf/turban/hijab is an accessory of terror", "you are asking for it by showing too much cleavage, legs, back and feel free to insert any body part possible here", "you are such a prude".
I think we all get the picture and if most of us are being honest, we have all being "here".
So, have we ever stop and question why we blatantly allow this to continue? Why should it be the woman's fault, that some sleazy guy will harass her either verbally or otherwise?
Why are we raising our girls as victims of their very own nature?
Why do we diminish the uniqueness of the woman' body ? Instead of teaching human respect irrespective of gender and some self discipline, why are we devaluing our ladies.
I know these are questions you might not be able to give me a solid answer to, but what advice will you give your children or even your younger self about female body image and value?

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May we all work towards a better world where our uniqueness will be celebrated and not make us a target of violence. This should be our only response to all the violence, not fear or hatred.
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  1. Well said and written, this is an amazing post! Suffice to say we've all been there and many of us still deal with this. Personally, I stopped caring what people say and think of me so far I'm comfortable with what I'm doing to me that's all that matters. Thank you for this post!

  2. I LOVE this post! I went through this during the summer when I was questioned multiple times about letting my 8 year old wear a two piece bathing suit. My response was always the same: Would you say that if she was a boy wearing racing swim trunks and what part of her body do you find sexually provocative? I want her to be proud of herself, her strength, and yes her body. I want her to feel powerful and not hide. And I refuse to allow others to sexualize her power!

  3. esmeralda evangelistaNovember 16, 2015 at 6:44 PM

    Love this post Adeola and you are very beautiful!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger



  4. I love the pictures, they really help bring your point home. In the age of social media and the selfies, it makes it really hard not to fall in that trip. Not to care what others think or wanting to get approval from others. the bottom line is someone who always have something to say and you can't please so I choose not to try. Thank you for this.

  5. Very interesting points you have raised here. Hmm...i think it is always best to remember why you share your photos on any platform. This is a generation of transparency and "do what you want" as long as it makes you happy. That said, don't think you there won't be trolls who just want to say something negative all the time. We have put ourselves out there to be judged so you need to be strong enough to take whatever follows and if you can not, just don't do it.

    I think in as much as we act not to care about certain things, because we are human, we obviously do care sometimes. Take for instance a bestie tells me a photo i shared doesn't depict who she knows so damn well in that picture. It's not personal, it's because she sees something she knows quite well isn't right, she cares and she is trying to keep me grounded. I would like genuine friends and family keep me in check when it looks like i am slipping. We all need that so we don't become self destructive all in the name of sharing.

    I think sometimes, everything is just so double standard. "Wear what you want but don't cry wolf if you get assaulted". Huh?? What people don't understand is, you don't even have to wear something revealing to attract a crazy guy. It is such a crazy world we live in but we have to keep our heads up and not let fear control our lives. We will always be judged no matter what, we can't control that but it is best to true stay to yourself and know what you stand for. Focus on that one positive thing you are getting from it rather than the thousands of negatives.

    Sorry for the long comment :)

  6. beautiful post dear


  7. These photos of you are stunning! I guess that if women learn to be happy (yes, it has to be learned) and develop healthy self-confidence, they will be unstoppable and any comments from others won't matter.

  8. Thank you dear Busola for the comment! I am happy for such comments, because your input really matter and they make us all see things differently!
    So don't be sorry. Thank you so much!

  9. I think Id learn to be confident of yourself and most of all to love yourself more than anyone else. Hugs girl, u look amazing!

  10. Great post. You are right! Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

  11. I love this post. I wish all of us were brought up to feel confident in our bodies and in ourselves. You do look beautiful!


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