Skinny Suede

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I have been avoiding all denim pants since I had a bad skin reaction to a pair of jeans two years ago.
Maybe it was the specific brand or my skin was just not comfortable with being wrapped up in thick material.
When I found this skinny jeans on the rank of my closet back in Ioannina, I couldn't resist putting them on and trying out if they fit.

They are from Topshop and have been sitting all brand new in my old closet back home.
I love the fit and decided to jump the gun and see how my skin will react. I love how great they look paired with this suede ankle boots I got recently from H&M.
Ankle boots are a must for fall, especially if they are suede materials.
This is my casual look for a stroll around Athens archaeological sites with my Friend K, who was visiting a while ago.
What did you think of my monochromatic grey look for a fall and black ankle boot?
Wishing you all a wonderful week.
Jeans: Topshop, Top c/o : #304 Clothing, Bag : Lommer
 photo 50 SHADES OF GREY_zpsngx7nwre.jpg  photo Lommer bag_zpszcioblha.jpg  photo Athens_zpsqqvpzsbf.jpg  photo IMG_2737_zpsyrk9uxh7.jpg  photo Skinny Jeans_zpsafndotch.jpg  photo IMG_2752_zps47pbkb7h.jpg

Thank you all for reading!


  1. cool pant, nice photos

  2. That's a great looking pair of jeans! With your gorgeous legs it's possible to rock any pants! ♥

  3. Ooh, nice look. The jeans and the boots are hot. I have several pairs of ankle boots, but one can never have too many. ;)

  4. Great photos! I love a great pair of denim. These look nice on you and I like the colour. Sounds like you must have been intolerant to the fabrication of the other denim, glad that you found this pair! :)
    The Frenchie Foodie

  5. Now that you mention it I don't think I've ever seen denims on here and now I know why! Yikes. I don't know what I'd do if something like that happened to me. I live in denim. I'd have to take a guess and say it was a treatment on the fabric or something. I know I once had a skin reaction to some bed sheets I brought. Was not a pleasant experience.


  6. Aww man! I've never had a skin reaction to clothing. I'm sorry you experienced that. But I love the outfit! Very moto-chic!

    Brittany x

  7. Allergic to denim? Did you go to a dermatologist for that?

    Kisses from
    the Philippines!
    - Seyra
    Instagram: @_srico

  8. I'm pretty fickle when it comes to wearing jeans because I don't like feeling too restricted by clothing. I prefer the flow of a dress or skirt, but I love they style of these jeans and the detail along the leg. Great look! #BLMGirl

  9. Yes, I agree Johanna. This woman has such a beautiful figure to show off jeans. I also love the bright scarf - it is the perfect contrast to an otherwise monochromatic look. xo


  10. Beautiful Post and your top look so comfy. :)

  11. I love the title of this post! so great... YOu look pretty FAB yourself too...

  12. Love your outfit you look beautiful!


  13. This is perfect balance of chic but comfortable. I really love your shoes too. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  14. I am also a dress lover because of the freedom to move about!

  15. Yes I actually did went to the dermatologist for that!

  16. It really wasn't a good experience but I fully embraced my love for dresses and skirt!

  17. Cute outfit! Those jeans look so good on you, and love those booties! #BLMGirls


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