Migato #GenerationFos Press Event

 photo GenerationFos Migato Event_zpsdkjpx5ol.jpg

Hope you have been having a splendid week and pretty excited for the weekend like I am.
What do you say we start catching up with some images of the Greek Brand Migato #GenerationFos event?

Here are some captures and what I wore to the event that took place at the Καπα Οκτώ Point bar in downtown Athens.

 photo Migato shoes_zpsytbzqiir.jpg

 photo Fashion Event_zpskjfonab4.jpg

 photo Dark Lipsticks_zpsa4smagoe.jpg

 photo White Wine_zpsnagwyatc.jpg

 photo Red Heels_zpsalbmgskj.jpg

 photo Lommer Clutch_zpsoudmn7pq.jpg

 photo Celebrities_zpsfjoco8mu.jpg

 photo IMG_3097_zpshterinrh.jpg

 photo Greek Designer of Celebrity Skin_zpsxcxssgum.jpg

 photo Lommer Tote and Clutch_zpslrggdw7d.jpg

 photo Migato Press Rep_zpswzhycnu4.jpg

 photo Migato_zps5ypibfpn.jpg

 photo IMG_3110_zpsud3uj7po.jpg

 photo Micheal Kors Bag_zpsuztyribq.jpg   photo IMG_3123_zpsqgfjgjkm.jpg  photo Kapa8 Athens_zpsboig1fiv.jpg   photo IMG_3135_zpsty75k3s8.jpg

 photo Migato GenerationFos Collection_zpsxtpqxarn.jpg

 photo Lommer Girl_zpsf1kszhac.jpg

 photo Wooden Watches_zpswsivtxy4.jpg

 photo IMG_3134_zpsn0imym7u.jpg

 photo Happiness Boutique_zpsgncmqdd8.jpg


  1. How cool and fun! And you were ultra stunning girl!

  2. Looks like a great event!

    Πρεπει να επισκεφτω καποια στιγμη το μερος αυτο, το ειχα δει το καλοκαιρι απ εξω και μου ειχε φανει ενδιαφερον.


  3. Monica Amanda Chic VillarOctober 26, 2015 at 5:22 PM

    Gorgeous post!!!




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