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After a long time away from blogging, I am gathering my mental strength to go back to what i love doing.
Sharing that is, last month was the worst month for my personally and for my family.
We lost the woman who holds us all together and teach us to live a passionate and caring life.
My grandmother was my most favourite person in the world, because she was my mother, father, best friend and number one fan in everything I do.
Her death took my into a place of solitude and great sorrow but her life and what everyone had to say about her brought me back to a place of love, passion and dedication.
She wouldn't want me to drop everything and stop caring because she is gone.
Visiting my dreams and daydreams, she told me to take courage and move on , to live and remember that she is okay.
Death is not the end, she is in a far better place, watching over me and all of us.
she said did you know how cool it is to have your very own angel? so I am back to blogging, to encouraging, to caring, to loving and to living every single moment.
Here are some pictures from my summer getaway with my sister who is also healing all alone in cold cold Vienna to challenge you all.
Spend time with the people you love and never take them for granted,
Spread love everywhere. Rest in Peace Nana and I hope to be half the woman you were.

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Thank you all for reading


  1. Sorry for your loss. Glad you took time for you and are now ready to share again.

  2. esmeralda evangelistaOctober 19, 2015 at 3:23 PM

    COndolence,I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Don't Call Me
    Fashion Blogger



  3. Very sorry to hear about your loss dear. Wishing you peace and strength. <3

  4. Im so sorry!


  5. So to hear about the loss of your grandma. Family is so important and my heart goes out to you. Glad you took some time to rest


  6. So sorry to hear about your loss, girl!

  7. Terribly sorry to hear about your loss! My heart goes to you. Your photos are gorgeous.

  8. Grandmas are truly that- grand mothers. I"m sorry for your loss but I'm glad she still lives on in you.

  9. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like you've gained wonderful perspective. Beautiful photos

  10. Love that first shot and all the yoga goodness. Sorry for your loss.

  11. Να ζησετε να την θυμοσαστε... ευχομαι να σου μείνουν μονο ευχαριστες αναμνησεις!

  12. Sending my condolences to you and your family. These are lovely shots and it looks like you're truly having moments of bliss in them. #BLMGirl

  13. Hi Ade, I am sorry for your loss may her soul rest in peace...Pictures are so stunning..


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