Varvakios Agora Oldest Market In Greece

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After taking you on a journey to the parliament building in my See You in Greece post,  feels appropriate to show you around the oldest market in Athens and significant socioeconomic indicator.

The word "Agora" is Greek for market, it has been the most vibrant / colourful commercial point in Athens for more than a hundred years.
Every where you look around Varvakio, you see meat, fish and vegetable vendors. Athens Municipality began its construction in 1878, it is considered a traditional economic indicator.
Apart from people trying to sell and buy their foods, you will also notice plenty of camera crews and journalist from various European channels like BBC, DW, CNN and so on.
We also did a photo walk to give you a proper tour of the historic centre of Athens and some local shops that have stood and pass the test of time.
Like Psirri, Athina street and some stores that brought the eastern Constantipole Greek foods and rare ingredients for some deliciously hot cuisine.
If you have watch the movie "A touch of spice" you will never want to leave Miran, and the small tavern inside the market.
It felt like been in a time machine that took us back to that era, back in Smyrna and Constantipole.
This look just feels perfect for what we have in mind and of course show you every bit of creative Greece.

Wearing :
Dress : Attrativo by c/o  Magusta
Shoes: King of Sandals, made right in front of me on Athina street.
Bag: c/o Lommer
Watch: Jord
Scarf & gold earrings: Vintage
Necklase: H&M
Sunnie and Bangle: Primark

*This post is part of my #Greecebylocals project, to help support local artists,brands and Greece it is not a paid post.

Thank you so much for reading! 
Have a lovely rest of the week and please let me know what you think of this post.
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures about the Greece markets.
    Lovely maxi dress and bag.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  2. Ι love this market and i love these photos more!!

  3. Adeola, love the colors!!!

  4. Beautiful! My favourite place in Athens!

  5. Thanks for the tour. It has that charm and beauty with history written all over it. Your dress is fabulous. Gorgeous color on you.

  6. Amazing, can't wait to see more. And I'm loving the necklace

  7. I think is just interesting, is like to know more your amazing city! And girl let me know, you are so stunning in these pics, such a classy silhouette you got! xo

  8. Wonderful! I enjoy going to open markets like this. Thanks for the tour and stunning images as well. You look beautiful my friend. x/Madison
    Sparkling Statements

  9. I love open markets I can only imagine how great it is in Greece. Wonderful pictures.

  10. The dress looks stunning! And great shots of daily life in Athens.

  11. Great style Love this blog :-)

  12. Gorgeous dress!

    Αγαπημενη βολτα σε αυτα τα μέρη :)


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