Inspiration from Naxos by Korres

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"Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs; the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so"

As once told by one of my many mentors, to achieve anything in life, you have to study someone significant in that field, spend time with them and even ask them to be your mentor is that is possible.
Research their background, their start, failures, drive, motivation and take some clues from them.
The story of Lena and George Korres is more than inspiring for every young, ambitious Greek in this dire time of the country.
Korres is a multi-million dollars Greek Brand of natural organic skincare and homeopathic pharmacy.
The company that has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since November 2007 and globally a great ambassador of natural beauty products , manufactured from first materials that are derived from Greek farmers, is all an outcome of a young man's dream and hard work.
Korres was born in 1996 and become what it is today, due to the dreams, dedication, research, innovation and originality of the people behind it.
It is clear that nothing is impossible, if we are ready to put in the required effort and off course that no circumstance should stop us from working on our dreams.
I am a fan of their products and since I am on a mission to firstly inspire myself and all young people out there.
In the situation that the world is, it is so easy to give but we should use the inspirations giving to us by people like these to fire up the flames in us.
On the beautiful evening while shopping with a friend, I saw the Korres counter and just couldn't help myself to grab some new products. How do you say no to something inspired from Naxos and the lady working was also very pleasant.
I am so in love with their WHITE TEA / BERGAMOT / FREESIA fragrance. 
Top/ Abercrombie&Fitch
Tulle Skirt/H&M Conscious
Watch/ Jord
Bag/ Vintage Leather from Dad
Leather Sandals/ Handmade in Barcelona.

Bought Products:
WHITE TEA / BERGAMOT / FREESIA fragrance and body milk.

*This post is part of my #Greecebylocals project, to help support local artists/products, it is not a paid post.
Thank you all for reading.

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 photo Tulle Skirt and Leather bag_zpsx1bkrz5u.jpg  photo Korres Organic Product _zpson2jqir2.jpg  photo Greek Product from Naxos_zpsbsbcc5l0.jpg  photo Beauty Products_zpsftwr48qk.jpg
Pictures by Maritta Paz


  1. I love Korre parfumes !! ENjoy your summer doll!

  2. I had no idea Korres was Greek. I've never really tried their products, maybe one or two but that is it sadly. I do hear good things about them so I'll have to make sure I try a few more.


  3. I love korres special Wood..very earhy and soso syrong...♥♥♥♥

  4. You have to try gonna livr it.

  5. I haven't tried many products from them, but they're very popular.

  6. I wish I tried their stuff, inspires me a lot! Love the quote, so true and encouraging! You look gorgeous my girl! xo

  7. Oh, I love that pictures of you. Inspired me a lot.

    Xoxo from Germany


  8. Those products sound amazing, I've never tried them. And I love your outfit, it's so cute! ♥

  9. You totally should! Have a lovely rest of the week love!


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