Chloe Crochet Dress Obsession

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 2_zpsc29nx2zh.jpg

I am in the mood for wedding outfits, since this is the year my friends choose to start leaving the single circle.
The Chloe collection has me dreaming and wishing from the runway right to the street style on celebrities.

But if only I can sell my liver, kidneys and maybe my brain then I will be able to afford something from it, maybe that lovely white crochet dress? Oh a girl can dream, as if.
So since I won't be buying any of the collection soon without it costing me a leg and an arm, why not just feed our eyes together and enjoy the craftsmanship?
Let me know what you think about the collection in the comments below.
Enjoy the rest of the week loves.
 Images via: style

 photo Chloe Spring 2015_zpscfewdlxl.jpg

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 8_zpscxrjvpws.jpg

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 9_zpsyb3poefk.jpg

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 5_zpstwx94rt8.jpg

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 4_zpsglz5xnsg.jpg

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 3_zpszjv871up.jpg

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 7_zpsbudahme1.jpg

 photo Chloe Spring 2015 6_zpsd8wd4l0k.jpg


  1. These dresses are so beautiful. Don't sell your brain doll, lol. Yes, I think the average person would love to buy these designs. I love lace! <3 Wish you a happy weekend. Liebe Grüße, Madison
    Corner Décor

  2. Εχω φάει κόλλημα με το φορεμα της 5ης φωτογραφίας!


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