10 Steps to Happiness

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We are all seeking for people, things or situations to make us happy. Isn't happiness a personal responsibility of each individual?
Happiness is contagious yes, but for we to receive it from others, we also have to give it. It is a two edged sword.

When you are content with your life, it is natural that you will spread the happiness vibe everywhere you step. The illusions that diamond is a girl's best friend is a myth. Confidence and Contentment is everybody's best friend.
Instead of waiting for someone to make us happy, why not find it within us and then just spread it all around generously!

Here are some simple every day routine that will increase your happy bar.

  1. Never go to sleep angry, no matter what always sort out whatever happened in the day and go to sleep without any care in the world.
  2. Wake up with a smile and an "I can do that" attitude. It will get you through any obstacle that comes your way as the day unfolds.
  3. Smile and greet people on your way to work/school. You are being a carrier of happiness and might make someone's day.
  4. Be kind to the people in your daily life, some people will make it hard for you. But it is not about them, it is about keeping your own energy field positive and filled with happiness.
  5. Take responsibility. Things do go wrong in life sometimes, make sure you are not pointing fingers. Accept total responsibility for who you are and what you become. Responsibility is joy and liberty.
  6. Forgive and never hold a grudge. When you are angry at someone for their behaviour, express it in a nice way, don't attack them and let it go. People who hold grudges are unhappy and always bitter.
  7. Call/Skype your long lost friend from boarding/high school, remind each other all old and silly memories. laugh out loud.
  8. Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. You learn to love and understand your body, which makes you more comfortable in your own skin. Yoga, Zumba, hiking, Pilates, running, weights, the options are endless.
  9. Do random act of kindness to total strangers. It is like a ripple, you will never forget the beautiful expression on their face. Buy someone a coffee or leave some generous tip.
  10. Sing your heart out and dance in  your underwear as if you are the queen of Sao Paulo carnival!.

In today's outfit, I am styling a beautiful gift of happiness from an online store that couldn't have chosen the perfect name for their boutique, Happiness Boutique .
They are a Berlin based boutique that sells cute accessories, statement jewellery and clothing items.
Their theme is to make people who buy their items, look and feel good!
Since I agree with their purpose to spread happiness, I jumped on the ship of collaboration with them within an heartbeat.
They offer free shipping worldwide and it is quite fast, at least mine was, it got to me in 3 working days.
There is also a customer reward program, if you buy their items and review it or tag them when you post on social media. You will get a details about that on here.
I picked up this show stopper necklace among many amazing options. I always have a thing for statement necklaces but this one just got my jaw to drop.
I will drop the un-boxing video, just so you see how giggling and silly I was and of course happy.
I hope this post inspired some confidence and happiness into your week.
Share this post to spread out the happiness and let me know what you think in the comment.
Dress: H&M 
Necklace c/o: Happiness Boutique 
Clutch c/o: Lommer
Sunglasses: Gucci
Shoes: Fly London
Personalized Gold Earrings from Grandma.

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Pictures by Maritta Paz


  1. Αααααα σαν νυφη! Τελεια!

    Have a great start of the week :)

  2. Adeola this is an amazing post and a perfect start to a new week. I couldn't agree more with your points. I especially believe in waking up with a positive frame/outlook. It kinda gives you a head start.


  3. Those tips are great! And you look absolutely stunning in those pictures. I especially love that you posted this on Monday - such a great start into the week :)

    Love, Kerstin

  4. Love this! Such a great post - thank you for sharing!

  5. GORGEOUS dress and wonderful tips.

  6. Beautiful dress and that necklace is perfection! Thanks for sharing these greats tips.

  7. Inquote younword by word and I agree with your happiness tips! Most of all I love your outfit, I think you really rock that dress!

  8. Great list...I really have to work on the forgiveness step....it's so true that holding grudges is unhealthy...thanks for sharing:)

  9. Great list! I was just talking talking to someone about happiness coming from within and us taking full responsibility for it! You hit this right on the nail! Thanks for sharing :-)

  10. Great advice, thanks for sharing as there is so much truth in it! And you look amazing in this dress.


  11. You look wonderful dear, that dress is gorgeous too. I remember my parents always telling me as a child to never go to sleep angry. That's also great advice, plus I always tell people "tomorrow is a new day," new opportunities and new possibilities.
    Travel Deluxe

  12. Have a lovely evening!

  13. DivineElementsDesignAugust 19, 2015 at 2:08 AM

    Great tips. I agree 100% with not going to bed angry and to stop holding grudges against people. Life is too short to be upset with people.

  14. Very beautiful tips. I wanted to come and see my darling friend in this sekzi white dress. You are a babe and happiness is written all over that beautiful sweet soul of yours. Lovely post!!


  15. You are fantastic! First, love your tips and share them! Second, you look so stunning in that outfit, very chic and sexy! Third, you made me smile watching the video, you are so fun! Hugs my girl! xo

  16. You look gorgeous!

    Your tips sound so right! I wish I could follow them.

  17. Great outfit! I can see why you joined in on a collaboration with Happiness Boutique!

    I also think your tips to happiness are spot on. Forgiveness and not going to bed angry make you feel better and more awake in the morning, ready to take on the world! I also agree that exercising takes your mind of a lot of things!


  18. I really liked this. Sometimes we let stress get in the way of our happiness. This was a refreshing read. Lovely photos also :) bauchlefashion.com

  19. Beautiful tips love! I am going to bookmark this post so I can come back to it on the days I feel less that great as a reminder. You look great in your photos BTW,

  20. Absolutely love this post. The tips are truly wonderful and luckily I already do some of these (like waking up and telling myself I can do it), but other not yet.



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