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#SeeYouInGreece #Greecebylocals are some of the campaigns going on online to show support to Greece during this hard times by various celebrities, activist and so many others.
I love this wonderful initiative and all I have to add is come over already!

Despite what the major mass media headlines are saying and the debt crisis, Greece is still flooding with sun, warm people, great food and most of all it is very safe.
Now is the perfect time to visit and enjoy your dreamy Greek island vacation.
Walking by Syntagma every day commuting to work, I will say even though there has been some riots. It was nothing violent, like it used to be in the past years. Nobody was burning anything down or getting physical with the police, people are just demonstrating against the new austerity measures.
To show you all how peaceful and secure it is in Athens, I took these images right in front of the Greek Parliament at Syntagma.This is where every demonstration occur and where every visitor come to see the change of the guards (Euzones)in front of the statue of the "unknown" soldier.
The only weird thing that happened that day were kids who approached me with their tourist parent to ask if they can take a picture with me, I bet they thought I was a model (made my smile).
In today's outfit I will introduce to yet another inventive and hard working Greek Artist.

Matalou at home

A designer of unique Greek souvenirs and accessories. The creator of the Greeceland ID bracelet, I have been spamming you with on Instagram.
The bags in the post are all handmade by Matalou at her souvenir shop in Plaka, Athens, few minutes away from the parliament ( Address Ipitou 5, Plaka).
All the materials are handpicked from Greek manufacturer by Matalou.
You can find more of her work on Facebook / Instagram and in the shop at Plaka.
If you are in Athens, come and say hi to me in her store for some wine and Stories of unique souvenirs by Zeus.
These bags will soon be yours to give you a beautiful taste of Greece, yes of course I got you dips on them. So wait for a giveaway!!

Before this post turn into my master thesis, I have been sharing my evenings at Matalou on Periscope.
Do go and create an account and follow (@AddyGotHerOwn) and let's chat live while I show you the entire exhibition and many more.
Hope you love your journey to the Greek Parliament today and thank you all for reading!
See you around on your blogs.
Crop top/ H&M,
Skirt/Vintage from Mum,
Watch/ Jord Wood Watch,
Sandals/ Greek leather handmade from Plaka
Wedges/ Sugarfree shoes
Bags: Matalou At Home

*This post is part of my #Greecebylocals project, to help support local artists, it is not a paid post.
Thank you.
 photo Lace Crop top_zpsk9yhxz0h.jpg

 photo Greek Parliament building_zps4ceq5bhg.jpg

 photo Croptop and wedges_zpst9jaq1ck.jpg

 photo Greek Parliament 2_zpsbhxrozad.jpg

 photo seeyouinGreece 3_zpsl19koxwd.jpg

 photo SeeyouinGreece_zps0avkxzuo.jpg

 photo Vintag skirt_zpsf6c7shp4.jpg

 photo Summer in the city style_zpstsnaaxza.jpg

 photo Matalou Bag_zps3wppobws.jpg

 photo Lace top_zpsw73sxnxv.jpg

 photo Greek Parliament_zpspuigxgvf.jpg

 photo Athens by Local_zps3kmeitov.jpg
  Pictures by Maritta Paz


  1. Καλημέρα!
    Ωραια και πόσο πρακτικη η τσάντα σου!
    See ya...
    καλή σου εβδομάδα:)

  2. amazing pics!

  3. Great outfit. Love the lace crop top combo with skirt :)

  4. Wish I was there, love Greece and now even more. You look outstanding my girl, the bag is way cute, a little masterpiece! Hugs! xo

  5. Greece will come out from the crisis I am totally positive about it, And I really love that bag!

  6. This lace top is simply gorgeous and it fits on you like a glove :)


  7. What fun photos. I love that lace crop top. Glad to hear there are still so warm and endearing during adversity. All will work out. <3
    Quick & Tasty Snacks

  8. so wonderful you're supporting your country. Some people say they won't visit Greece this Summer, but that is just silly. Those financial problems and all this EU mess has nothing to do with being a tourist in this country. I mean finacial problems don't influence safety, I don't see how people don't realize that. Greece is just as good vacation option as it has always been. I have never been in Greece myself, but will surely go there some day (as soon as I stop being broke).

    Anyhow, enough about look stunning! I really like this maxi skirt and how you paired it with that cropped top. Matau sounds like a great brand, that bag is divine... it's so great you're supporting local artists.

  9. From what i see on Instagram, Greece still seems to be one of the top spots for vacation this season. It is a beautiful country to visit and still attracts a huge flood of tourists. Hope it gets better. You look lovely dear and keep up with that positive energy!

  10. Love your top!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  11. So, see you in Greece!

  12. Ante twra na kanonisw na se dw kiolas me ta mikra!
    Na perimeneis tilefwno!!

  13. Thank you so much for everything through all these Busola!

  14. Thank you so much Ivana! A lot of people don't have the same perspective unfortunately.
    Some are so scared with all the bad news and fame of Greece, there are so many who cancel their initial vacation reservations. But the Good news is there are so many who are fully aware of the propaganda and they are so nice to watch every day.
    I met them almost daily and they melt my heart.

  15. You know you have a place whenever you choose to come, as long as I here!
    Grazie Amore!

  16. you look lovely doll

  17. i would absolutely love to visit greece! your outfit is really cute :)

  18. You look great in this outfit and good to know that people in Greece are moving on with life.

  19. This is my first time here and your perspective on what's going on in Greece real-time juxtaposed with fashion is refreshing. Look forward to following! #BLMGirl

  20. totally LOVE the crop top in lace. you rock the outfit

  21. Beautiful!

    Alexandra ~

  22. its so great that you highlighted how safe Greece still is! Sometimes media can overblow things and its hard to know what to trust and what not to! And in those pics you certainly look like a model so not surprised aha!

  23. I've always wanted to travel to Greece. It has always been number one on my list! I am also dealing with protesters in my state about this whole confederate flag situation. Also some rioting because a lot of African Americans are being killed by the police! It hasn't gotten out of control but I can understand when the country you live in is going through hard times.

  24. That cropped lace top and midi skirt ensemble is very cute.
    Thanks for sharing all the tidbits about Greece.

  25. There's many travel bloggers sharing why it's good to visit Greece and to not feed into the hype, and it's great to see a fashion blogger sharing in those same efforts. :)

  26. Highland FashionistaAugust 2, 2015 at 3:29 PM

    I completely agree with you. Yes, there are some issues going on in Greece right now, but Greece has always, and will continue to be, one of my favourite places to visit. the people are warm, the food is amazing, and the weather is wonderful.

  27. you look great !loving your outfit!



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