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If there is one thing I would change from my life in Athens, it will be the horrible stench in the public transport. I have never lived in Athens during the summer months so this would have been a huge deal breaker for me, if I knew. People shouldn't be told of how incredibly important it is to take their bath or at least shower twice a day when the temperature is above 30 degree Celsius.

I have been meaning to turn into a summer Santa, that gives people  a free shower and surplus of soaps, whenever I am close to them during my commute.
I have been observing also how a lot of bloggers stay away from the whole bathing topics. Don't people care about hygiene anymore? Am I the only weirdo who loves taking my bath twice daily? I will tell you it is so refreshing and exhilarating, especially when accompanied by the delightful scents of Papoutsanis Aromatic line.
I was ecstatic when the mailman dropped a huge box of the new Aromatic line on my door. I have been addicted to the the Olivia Line for ages and currently using the shampoo and shower gel.
I have tried the Cotton Blossom shower gel from the aromatic line, but getting the chance to try the entire line is more than woow.
For those of you who haven't heard about Papoutsanis before, here is a little info and back story from their site

In 1870, on the olive tree - rich, Greek island of Lesvos, Dimitris Papoutsanis set out to build the first steam engine powered olive oil pressing factory. That factory wasn’t made just tο produce olive oil of the finest quality... A small portion of this humble yet precious ingredient, was kept to produce pure olive oil soap.
This marked the birth of a company with a history of more than 140 years...
In 1913 the production facilities were transferred to Piraeus where the first production-line bar soap was made.
The company enlisted in the Athens Stock Exchange in 1972.
In February 2001, Papoutsanis' continuous growth brought the opening of its newest, state of the art, factory near Athens...The largest soap production plant in Eastern Europe and the largest hotel amenities provider in Greece.
PAPOUTSANIS' Vision is to create a flexible and reliable organization for those who uses our products throughout the world.
The consumer is our highest priority and our purpose is to serve the needs of our customers by providing innovative products of high quality at competitive prices.
Building on our Heritage and Know How we Endeavor to become Better.

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To me they are more than that of course,  their products represent the traditional Greek natural wealth combined with modern day technology and innovative spirit.
The Aromatic shower gels are available in 9 fragrance,both for men and women. I have already used Cotton blossom, I am now trying the Tabac, which is for men but I love the mix of Amber and Cedrus. I am more into masculine fragrant sometimes. Next bottle I will try will be the men's Spicecake, it smells like cinnamon buns fresh out of the over.
I don't want to bore you with my word vomit, it is just exciting for such a huge company that I have been using for years and also a favourite of mine, to finally reach out to me themselves.
Since you made it here, I am glad to announce a big surprise coming to you all in a beautiful box of goodies.

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Did I mention the bar soaps are an amazing way to keep your clothes fresh and nice? All you need to do is place a slightly opened box among your clothes/drawers  or use them for washing your clothes.
I personally use the olive oil soaps for my face, since I have an oily/mixed face.
You can also lay them around your house as decoration plus and breath in their savory scent.
They are moisturizing,  suitable for all skin types .Do Not CONTAIN : Parabens, Propylene glycol , dyes and Animal ingredients.
The most appealing thing out of all this is the charitable nature of the company, which has been contributing to a mass of aid projects for the less fortunate.
I will live you now and come back soon with the big surprise and reviews as I finished each products.
They shipped worldwide e-shop here and are also available in selected stores across Europe. They also work with hotels, so you might see them in your counter, if you are a travel bug.
Thank you for reading and supporting Greek companies in this difficult time for us all.
A big thank you to the entire Papoutsanis team for their kindness and contribution.


  1. we love papoutsanis for good!!! Οσο για τις μυρωδιες...τι να πώ..... την καθαριοτητα πρέπει να την "έχεις" !!! φιλια πολλα κοριτσι!!

  2. When you find a product you like and works for you, i see nothing wrong in just staying with it, right? Sounds like an amazing brand. I will remember that. Thank you for sharing dear.

  3. I completely agree on the twice a day daily showers! especially if its uber hot! this line sounds amazing, thanks for sharing!


  4. Nice selection ;) Bisous from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  5. Wow, so many delicious soaps and gels to try!

  6. Oh, all of the fun soaps! xx


  7. I love the musk shower gel!

  8. Thanks for sharing!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  9. Looks like loads of goodies for you to use. I don't think I've used any Greek skincare products. But, I did have a French olive oil soap bar that I got and loved it.
    Family Style Dinner


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