Hot Summer Sexy

 photo raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-09_zpsza4c81pt.jpg

Elle France July 2015Photographer: Gianluca Fontana
Stylist: Marie Lichtenberg
Model: Raica Oliveira

Heatwave in full swing, brain practically melted and the only remedy is this heated editorial.

Can we all all melt away in style? It's been above 35 degree Celsius all week now.
How is the weather at your side of the world?
Have a lovely weekend?

 photo raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-04_zps9rwxa4yl.jpg

 photo raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-03_zpsenaw9xqz.jpg

 photo raica-oliveira-elle-france-july-2015-by-gianluca-fontana-06_zpshhkotdpl.jpg


  1. lol, this summer is hot

  2. If only we could all look that good while melting away! It was so hot yesterday that the decal on my daughter's swim suit FUSED together on the clothesline!

  3. Just in the same mood!XD Happy weekend girl! xo

  4. Sensational shooting!

  5. Αμά σου πώ ότι εδώ βρεχειτρελλα με αέρα τι θα μου πεις;;;

  6. HEre is over 40!!! And we are not used to it!


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