Young Designer: Interview with Marios Karavasilis

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Hello you all and welcome to the month of June! It is officially summer and I am back from my Malta trip.
I want to start this month by introducing you all to the talented creator of Avant Garde hat you all love and show you is entire mythical collection.
Marios Karavasilis is a born and breed Athenian, he is a graduate of High Drama School Giorgos Theodosiadis . He is an all round artist, since he began as an actor with a fascination for music and dance and creator of theatrical costumes at the time of his studies.

After graduation he decided to express his love for art and clothing by creating garments. He went to Veloudakis Fashion School and  did his internship  at the infamous Greek Fashion House Celebrity Skin where he learned more about the art of fashion in the real world and market.
After creating head pieces for various magazine editorials and designers like Leon by Ilias Wia, Sinister by Alexia Lap for her Chromophobia show and many others, he showed his first "Methexis " collection at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week in April and won the "BEST TRENDSETTER" award as a new designer.
Since he is busy as a bee, I am humbled to have had the honour of being the first to have gotten a exclusive interview and tour of his most intimate workplaces.
The interview was conducted at his beautiful coffee house Your Place, which was designed and decorated by Mario himself, he was very generous and unpretentious with his demure responses to all my questions and even treat us to yummy frozen yogurt and later gave us a tour of his Atelier.
Marios Karavasilis is a designer to watch out for both in the Greek and Global fashion scene, so with no further delay, I present his entire collection and our chat;

Adeola: So Marios, after your "Methexis" collection what is next?

Marios: I am planning a fashion show in abroad and  an extended version of "methexis" in Athens in October with five more looks to finish the collection.  My show for Spain is still in it's preparatory stage and I will let you know all the details soon.
A : Do you follow a specific order for you work, like sketch and then go from there to construct?

M: I used my maniac brain and I never follow the steps, I just put up my doll and start creating , I always follow my patron but never stick to any rule.
A: You started as a dancer and actor, how does that influence your work?

M: My clothes are inspired from various experience in my artistic journey, and influences, but I try to make it as approachable to everyone as possible. I am working on making my next collection a little bit more commercial. It is very difficult to make a combination of both and achieve a commercial result with a theatrical inspiration. I don't want to rush and do thing because they are selling but I want to express my art and then try to make it marketable too.

A:The Headpieces are jaw dropping, do you want to tell us how long it took to make the finale piece?

M: it took me days because I wanted to pay attention to every single detail and combine different elements together to manifest what I had in my head.I wanted to combine baroque and natural element to make an avant garde result. I saw a crystal chandelier and I wanted to turn it into a headpiece and that is how I customized it and you all see the result.

A: How did you during and after the Athens Xclusive about winning the "Best Trendsetter" award?

M: It didn't sink in till recently because I was just doing what I felt and wanted to express. Because I am an actor , I perceived the whole show as yet another play on stage, I wanted to give my best to the audience without limit and let them take what they want from it, after all that is Art.
The award was emotional, justifying and rewarding, now that time as past I realized how exhilarating it is for my hard work to be recognized by people and it gives me joy.The models were my characters and heroes, while the catwalk was my theater stage and I was just the director.

A: If you have a chance to show your work abroad, where will you choose?

M: London will be perfect, I believe it is very close to my art and what I love. I will love to have the opportunity to show my work there and get feedback from the London industry.

A: We are sitting here in your coffee house which you also design the interior, was it something you always wanted?

M: I always wanted to do something like this and with the crisis, this is a solution with my family to help me financially and have a source of income apart from my designs and clothes.
I designed the interior to reflect my own style and I am always here in the evening working when I am not working at the atelier.

A:What advice will you give young people?

M: I will tell them to just be themselves and never rush things. Be patient and authentic.

A: Something you will like to share?

M: I will like to thank People who have stand by me in all my endeavours and support me with their experiences, mentorship and leadership. They have all thought me so much about the practical and business side of fashion and I will be forever grateful.

A: Where will you like to see Marios in ten years?

M: I don't know what time will bring but I hope I can be creative and authentic as always and be able to finance myself from my work in Fashion.

Marios Karavasilis.jpg Red Velvet by Marios Karavasilis.jpg Model at Marios Karavasilis Catwalk.jpg

Best Trendsetter Award Marios Karavasilis.jpg

Catwalk of MK by Marios Karavasilis.jpg

Finale of MK by Marios Karavasilis.jpg

MK By Marios Karavasilis.jpg Methexis Marios Karavasilis .jpg Head Piece By Marios Karavasilis.jpg   photo Marios Karavasilis 2_zpskttae5go.jpg Jumpsuit by Marios Karavasilis.jpg Dark Velvet headpiece by Marios Karavisilis.jpg  Dark Methexis by Marios Karavasilis.jpg Avant Garde Marios Karavasilis.jpg

MK by Marios Karavasilis Atelier .jpg

MK by Marios Karavasilis Atelier.jpg

MK by Marios Karavasilis Atelier .jpg


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    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

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