Yes or No

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Yes or No?  But is it really that simple? I will say it is not really,  because I am a believer of grey and  all other sort of colours.  I know for sure it is not always black or white.
Whatever happens in Greece next week will be a lose - lose situation. The banks are already close and we are having to all rush to the supermarkets and stoke on some basic items to have some food at home at least. These few days before the referendum vote will be full of disheartening propaganda and news of terror from the media but i am glad there are still people who know the games of the media and will not fall for it, for the rest my advice is close the TV and just watch what is going on around you daily, be super observant.
On the outfit now, this is my go to summer outfit for a city stroll and early dinner.  Pairing my DIY short with a simple tank top and adding some personal touch with the beautiful necklace made for me by the inspiring young Greek Designer Apoplanity.  To see more of their works check out my introductory post on Apoplanity.
A small summer list I give all my yoga students and friends, always stay hydrated and giving Zagori Water a big shoutout for being super generous and sponsoring our fight against discrimination basketball tournament.
What do you believe about the Grexit situation, do you think we are taking it to far? please do share your honest opinion, I can take it and share this post with friends to hear what they think.
Thank you.

Wearing: Top: Atmosphere, Short: DIY  Massimo dutti, Silver Necklace: Apoplanity,  Bag: DKNY, Shoes: Fullah, Hat: No brand, Water: Zagori , Watch: Jord Wood Watch

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  1. You look great Naomi; nice summer outfit to beat the heat. I haven't been following the news that much about the Greek situation but whatever the outcome, everything will be alright at the end. "There is always a light at the end of the tunnel."
    Have a great week.

  2. Απο τα πολυ ωραια outfit σου!

    Have a lovely new week :)

  3. You look absolutely fabulous! Grexit is a worrying situation as it has an impact on the entire eurozone... I just hope that the damages will be minor and that people will not give up hope and faith in better times.

  4. You look lovely!
    I hope everything goes fine after Sunday.

  5. Since I live in the states, I will have to follow it on TV. I must say, you are looking fantastic here. Legs for days!

  6. i am going to say yes! you look great!

  7. You look amazing!

  8. You looks fabulous! Praying for you and Greece!

  9. I love your outfit and wish you the best of luck.#blmgirl

  10. Im very sad for what is happening there and Im with you with my heart. You absolutely look gorgeous my friend, always full of elegance and grace. Come here and teach me yoga <3

  11. Yes to your outfit! I have good thoughts in my mind for Greece

    Krissie x -

  12. The bracelet is just WOW :) Bisous from France,

    *-* Sand. *-*

  13. I am in love with your hat! Your shoes definitely make your outfit pop, great job putting together very nice key pieces.

    Yes o. I have been following the news on the situation in Greece. Hoping and wishing for the best.

  14. Great photos. Those bracelets are so cute.

  15. Your outfit is lovely I like the colour of your tank! :) Praying and hoping for the best for Greece, as there is so much happening in the world as a whole, sadly! <3
    Bohemian Romance

  16. Great style ! I love your whole look here . xx


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