Shine Little Darling

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Don't let anybody guilt trip you.
What are you doing to change the community around you? Are you being self- destructive?
In order to make an impact in your environment, you need to be happy and real to yourself. Discover who you really are, show the world that brilliant you.

People will celebrate you for you, but how will that happen if they don't know the real you?
As we begin a new week, I dare you shine, because I am sure you are more than a diamond.
But in case you are wondering how I know that, I suggest you do some soul searching.
Try meditating for at least five minutes in the morning before you begin your day.
By meditating, I mean spending time with yourself, listening to your own inner voice and learning to enjoy your own company. Then you will realize, you are worth more than Gold or diamonds, you are unique and you deserve to SHINE!
So, I wish you all a week full of light and love.
Happy Monday and joyful mothers' day to all the incredible mothers of this world.
Skirt/ H&M,
Dress as top/Vintage,
Italian tan Boots,
Bag/ Vintage,
Scarf as turban/ Longchamp.

Crossed backless dress.jpg Backless Dress with cross details.jpg Crimson Matte Lipstick.jpg Exarchia Athens Greece.jpg Gold Ear cuff.jpg Glitter Skirt and tan boots.jpg Crocodile Hermes Kelly.jpg Grace Kelly Hermes Bag.jpg  Clinique Matte Crimson Lipstick.jpg  Shine Bright Like A Diamond.jpg Winged eyeliner.jpg

Natural Hair Style.jpg

Streetsyle in Exarchia.jpg

Sequin Midi Skirt.jpg


  1. You are a shiny star and a great person from what I read, I hate who pretends to be differnt from what he really is!

  2. Eek, your sequin skirt is too gorgeous. Want! Oh you definitely do shine Naomi. You really do and thanks for such a beautiful post. Have a fab week ahead.

  3. Great pop of glitz and shimmer for nighttime. I agree, one should always let their true self shine through. Enjoy your week Adeola. Thanks for your lovely comments. Alles Liebe, Madison x
    Bold & Eco Décor

  4. Μεσα στα γκλίτερ... τελεια!


  5. Just love what you wrote, so true and inspiring <3 You are the real diamond my girl!

  6. Yes, I agree taking a moment every morning to meditate, pray or center your self is so important!

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  7. Fabulous thoughts and glam outfit.

  8. Great words to start off the week! And I love these night time photos. Your hair looks so cute and the back of the dress/top is fab!

  9. I agree with what you say! Too often we look for others or material things to make us shine when in fact we can do it all by ourselves.

  10. What a beautiful reminder to come to today. Perfect for the weekend. We are all unique and beautiful, no one should ever make another doubt it.


  11. Perfect photoshoot doll! με μενα μιλαγες στο τηλεφωνο?χαχαχαχα

  12. Oh, such a sparkly outfit :) Love it!!

    xo xo


  13. hahahaha βασικα δεν νομιζώ γίαιτ ήταν Σάββατο!

  14. Thank you Sonia and I am glad you are still here!
    Cheers to a new week!

  15. This skirt is SUPER :)

    Bisous from France,



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