Personal Style is Ageless.

Personal Style is Ageless.jpg

Personal style is about intuition, experience, eye for details and  it is not bought or learned.
And the greatest relief is that it is also ageless and nothing whatsoever to do with your socioeconomic background.
As a way to celebrate the international day of diversity, I am sharing this intricate shot I took of a confident lady, expressing herself the best way she can and that is what I call independent and personal style.
I am grateful for this kind of women, who ignore to follow the rules and just pave their own way with their own artistic influence.
What influence your own personal style? does it evolve with your experiences?


  1. I can definitely appreciate people who dress for themselves and let their personality shine through their clothing!

  2. totally agree that personal style is ageless, I believe you should dress for yourself because at the end of the day the only person you really have is yourself!! lovely post!

  3. I share your thoughts and she is just beautiful! My style changed a lot and still will do, I hope, 'cause the age and life experiences. Have a good weekend my girl! xo

  4. i think it as you, my style did not change so much in the last 10 years

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. I've always had a very practical style... and it's sort of shifted throughout the years. It's become even more narrowed down through my capsule wardrobe experience!

  6. Πολύ σικ το μαυρο αυτό παλτό!

    Καλή εβδομαδα!

  7. Great and inspiring post!! the essence of my style hasn´t changed so much along the years!
    have a wonderful week, just met your blog and I love it!
    I´m starting to follow you!
    kisses from Spain!

    100% natural & homemade cosmetics => sano sanisimo

  8. My style has definitely changed during the last 10 years, I used to dress so conservatively when I was younger, no idea why! I love my sporty, casual style now :) x

  9. Lovely, you have a really clear writing style <3
    I don't think I've really discovered my style yet... then again, whats the fun in just sticking to one... haha!


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