Public Display of Awesomeness

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Mini skirt, leather skirt, fringed skirt,  oh please let's just stop talking about skirt? What I want to really talk about is P.D.A. (public display of affection=awesomeness).

People are weird sometimes.
Alright, I mean most of the time. I was observing people in the train as usual when I fixated on a lady who was also busy observing another young couple who were busy making out like they were about to devour each other.
She on the other side didn't seem to be enjoying it. She seems irritated with all the display of affection of this young and passionate couple.
The fact she called them out to go "get a room" was what I found weird. It is afterall a public transportation, they can do as they please, since they aren't hurting anyone.
I was about to say one thing in the following pictures and then I will ask my question
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
DIY shirt by Marritaki : From our  Equal Citizen Campaign
Sneakers: Asics
Wood Watch: Jord Wood Watches
Earrings: A little precious heirloom
Photos by: Maritta

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My reaction to PDA is always the same "There goes the last f*ck I gave" free world, be my guest.

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Thank you all for reading and cheers to more display of awesomeness!
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  1. dope



  2. Hmmm, personally I don't mind PDA, but I hate the kind were they start "devouring" each other. That makes me uncomfortable lol! But I'd never say anything to shame them, I might pass a look to a friend I'd be travelling with, which is just as bad isn't it?!


  3. I agree with you and honestly I dont get the point. You look so stunning and cool, Im in love with your hair and the sporty vibe of the look suits you so well! Hugs my girl xo

  4. That's a great skirt! I also observe people on the train, haha. I understand how you feel. I think showing affection is fine, but of course there are levels of it though. lol.
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  5. You look great Adeola!
    Get well soon! My boys are sick too.

  6. I will admit that people devouring each other's faces in public is kind of awkward. But people can do whatever they want to do if they're not hurting anyone.

    Cute look, dear!

  7. really cool look, love the graphic tank paired with the skirt!

  8. I'm totally in love with your outfit *_*



  9. Love your outfit! Looks so cool on you!

  10. Urban cool look :D Your style is really lovely <33 I adore your pictures too

  11. Awesome. Love your look


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