Red and Black

Red Skirt and black lace top.jpg

When you can not afford a Birkin, there is always a perfect look a like Picard bag to ease my desire.
At least that was my excuse when my roommate asked me, why I needed yet another bag in Munich.
I was shopping for my last days in Munich when I found a red birkin dupe in Kardstadt and of course I had to get it.

My bags were already to full, I donated twelve garbage bags worth of cloth to Diakonia (German's goodwill); you see my dream of owning my own Birkin is not going to stay a dream , since I atleast settled for an affordable dupe.
It is an original leather from a respectable brand and cost a tiny fraction of a Birkin.
I will still get the real deal though, if I happen to win a lottery or got lucky and found one on my nightstand form my fairy godmother (lol).
I am wearing a pretty affordable prescription eyeglasses from Firmoo, a company I have come to love for their sturdy, affordable, stylish and high quality glasses.
If you are in the market for an eyeglasses or sunglasses, check out my facebook page for a unique code, I have 5 codes to give out , so first come, first serve.
If you are a new customer to Firmoo , there is a 50 % discount for your to try out the water and there is a Virtual Look Viewer to help you get your perfect glasses.
And who doesn't like a great bargain?

Skirt c/o: Choies
Bag: Picard
Dress as Top: H&M
Sneakers: Migato
Pearls Bracelets: Vintage
Glasses c/o: Firmoo
Watch: Swatch

 White Lace Sneaker.jpg
 photo White Lace Sneakers_zpskcd3s6kp.jpg  photo Black and Red Outfit_zpsyh7lp8bt.jpg
Firmoo Glasses.jpg  photo Red Picard Pabg_zpscvlwcl2x.jpg  photo Prescribed Eye Glasses_zpsxhgi96bi.jpg

Wish you all a splendid rest of the week!


  1. I’m sure that most people can afford not a Birkin but it looks like you’ve found a great alternative. I’ll keep wishing for you though, that your fairy Godmother will leave one beside your bed for you while you’re sleeping :P


  2. Im in love with the bag and the whole outfit, you just look so gorgeous Adeola, super stylish and cool! Hugs! xo

  3. I hear you on the Birkin - love!

  4. Our Family Inspired HomeMarch 10, 2015 at 4:02 PM

    Great alternative, love the bag and dress!

  5. Lovely skirt!


  6. Great skirts and hangbag

  7. Such amazing photos. I love your outfit.

  8. That's an amazing look. Love that bag and I hope you land your hands on a Birkin real soon :)

  9. Very engaging post dear! it's so fun to read until the end of it ♥

  10. Who would not want to own a Birkin bag?! I am sure I will never own one but the bag you bought is a great match! It looks fantastic! Love your skirt and it looks great with your new bag! The glasses are super cute too!


  11. Perfect size for a bag as you can fit everything in there. Love your outfit; looks great!

  12. Rafaella NicolettiMarch 11, 2015 at 9:48 PM

    The skirt is so pretty . your whole look is awesome. LOVED IT.

    I have a fashion blog too !


    Rafaella Nicoletti

  13. so pretty look!


  14. Thank you for your comment, heading over to your blog!

  15. I find that it doesn't matter how many items of clothing you donate -- you always end up buying a ton of new pieces to make up for it. At least I know I do, lol.

    Love the red here!

  16. I do not admit it often, but I am a shopaholic, I see what I like, I buy! Some things I've bought, I have never worn. Thank goodness I mostly thrift, you can imagine how much money I would be wasting if I were shoping from high-end retail stores. You look gorgeous :-)

  17. Thank you for your love and comment! We are all guilty , if shopping is a crime. lol

  18. Yes Cheryl, you are right, I always never know where all the new clothes come from. lol

  19. Yes it fits so much, it terrifies me sometimes!

  20. I love the combination of red and black, it's so elegant! :) x

  21. Φανταστική η φούστα σου!!!

  22. Your skirt is beautiful! The red bag is just as cool. You look lovely Naomi.

  23. Love, love, love your skirt. It looks amazing. Very romantic look! I hope you get your Birkin dream purse soon!



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