Life Lately:January in A glimpse

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What I am loving lately and how fast and eventful January was for Greece.
We are in a situation of  facing of a new hope, new dimension, and hopefully getting out of some big troubles we find ourselves in since 2008.
I have to be sincere, January just flow away before I even realize it and I am so grateful to have got a lot of thing done and in order.

Discovering a whole bunch of amazing Greek Designers,Stylist, Activist, and over all people who do what they do with passion.
Started a radio talk show on for our equal citizens Equal Citizen Campaign.
Got a little tiny injury, reevaluate on so many issues and post to come, go with two hours of sleep for the last week due to heaven workload and our global generation party evening, which was a huge success.
Since I am up to my head in all true meaning of the word, I will beseech you all to have some patience with my few posting and commenting, I will always be very grateful if we all follow each other's journey on Instagram.
If you speak Greek , pick up the February issue of Cosmopolitan, I am so honoured to be featured and I thank you all for the support and love.
Here is to a more eventful February and hopeful beginning for my beloved Greece.

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  1. I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!
    Don't forget me when you become famous!

  2. wow that's nice

  3. Awesome doll.... Well done..

  4. Well done on being featured, Im so so happy for you, you deserve it! I know what you mean, Italy is in the same situation, lets hope for a better time for both out countries. Good luck with the new job and everything, you rock my friend <3

  5. Congrats on all your work, features and achievements. Blogging is where you get to recenter, so do you and leave the rest. Go get it girl!

  6. Καλά να περνάς κορίτσι :)

  7. congrats on the feature! that is very exciting :D I'm super happy for you!!

  8. So cool that you got his feature! Very happy for you!

  9. Thank you so much Busola for all the love and support!
    You are one amazing human being!


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