The Little Blue Escada Bag

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Hello you all!
My love for all things accessories are well known, but my love for vintage bags will never be expressed in words. Check out my Hermes Kelly baby!
Nobody is perfect  (right??), I always find myself staring in a not so classy way at other people's accessories admirely!
I study outfits, but accessories are what make me give strangers, the thorough secret fbi agent look.

This little blue lady caught my attention at a little vintage store in Munich and since then, I am smitten.
Finding vintage bags and collecting them for myself and my  future non existing grandchildren is my lifetime goal. it is yours too right? (duh!)
My grandma have a closet, I wish I can proudly possess a  half of it by her age.
She always tells me to choose quality over quantity and classic over trendy.
It took me a while to get what she meant, but now that I am on to her, I will pass the same little advice to everyone.
It is way cheaper to have one solid classy overtly expensive bag than 100 bags that won't last a month.
 I got my eyes on you Givenchy Antigona, I know dreams do come true (winks)
Isn't this little Escada lady a gem?
Are you a vintage lover or more of the trendy style?

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  1. Heart eyes for this little gem! <3 Im a vintage bag lover too, you got an amazing bargain girl, well done! And yep, I agree with your granny, always quality over the quantity!


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