Start 2015 in a Great Mood: How to Boost Your Mood (Video Tutorial)

Happy New year everyone!
Thank you all for a wonderful 2014 and for the support through my crazy ride of a year!
It was for me, one thrilling year with a lot of highs and lows but mostly highs.
Thank you for staying put with me during my crazy rides, even when I can of put the blog on holds on some occasions.
 Since the first post of 2015 is a fitness post, I decide to share the most essential element to make this year a total rad!
How can you have a rad year, if you have a bad mood? can't let that happen !!
Here is a little secret about fitness and exercise, it make us happier, and thus make our year more AWESOME!

I am not having any resolutions this year than to stay happy no matter what the situation and spread love and happiness everywhere I go.
Learn how in the video below and follow me up on Instagram to spread love everywhere.
Cheers to all my happy hippy friends around the world!
Make this world a better for us all!!


  1. Great tips, I wiil try to do it!

  2. Ahah, you rock girl! Have watched the video and now I have to jump on the bed, I neither remember when was the last time I did it!:P Happy New Year my friend, may it be as much sparkling and gorgeous as you are! Hugs xo

  3. Nice Video Naomi and great tips; have a happy, exciting and prosperous new year.

  4. Fun video! Hmmm would I try this at home; I don't want to break my bed, haha. But even just watching this filled me with good energy. Thanks!

  5. Αααααα τελεια... θα το προσπαθησω χα χα!

    Καλή χρονια Adeola :)


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