One yoga pose for a full body workout for all beginners: Downward Dog

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Today's fitness post is all about full body workout in the basic yoga asana,  and also a thorough relaxation from stress and tension in the body for  everyone.
I have posted a post about all it's benefits and now I am showing you all, a video of how to use this asana as a full body workout. Let's get going!!!

This is a perfect pose for beginner, because it is the very first pose to learn in yoga and it works the entire body without putting strains on your knees or for that matter any part of the body.
It relieves the body from stress, tension  and rejuvenate the entire body.
Watch the video also for my Bikram yoga experience and maybe hot yoga is actually your kind of workout!
Enjoy your weekend dolls!

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A tree legged dog for more challenge.
Check out my previous post on downward dog


  1. hummm nice

  2. I should try, but I want you to teach me! My dream is take yoga classes with you, you are so great Adeola! Many hugs <3

  3. Interesting video but maybe a bit too long...

  4. Thank you Anouk for the feedback!
    I will work on that!


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