How to Relieve Pain and Tension From The Upper Body

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The perfect arm, wrist and shoulder stretch that can be done practically anywhere!
Garudasana is normally a standing pose in yoga, and one of the primary poses of Bikram yoga, but this pose can be modified in so many ways, based on how much space you have, the muscle groups you want to focus on and how much time you have.
I have chosen to show you the kneeling/ seated variation, where the focus is solely on the upper body.
Those following me on Instagram, already know, that I managed to injure my wrist during a weightlifting session at the gym. I am already pretty much back to normal now and all I can say it this pose as been my go to pose during those painful days.
I love when I can always rely on yoga to fix up my gym injuries and garudasana really did help with my wrist and shoulder pain
Stay in this pose for up to 30 seconds, or 5 full breathes.
Try to suck in your stomach (activates your pelvic area), so as to keep your back straight.
Lift and fingers as much as you can towards the ceiling.
Keep your gaze soft looking right between your arms, with a steady and soft neck.
for a video tutorial, let me know in the comment

Here is to a relaxing and healthy weekend my dolls!
Happy Fitness Friday!
Let me know if you did try out this stretch! In fact, I dare you to try it right now!!!


  1. I just tried, sit in front of the desk and it is so relaxing!:) You are amazing! <3

  2. This is so topical for me - I sprained my knee at Christmas so have been focussing on physio for my injury and totally ignoring my poor upper body which has been taking extra strain with crutches and pulling myself onto chairs and things. Just tried these (sitting, won't be kneeling for a while!) and feel great - thanks!

  3. THANK YOU so much for this honey! I deal with computers so much in my studies and hobbies I desperately need this kind of stretches in my life. This is super effective, I will try to do this every day ♥

  4. This is so helpful!

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  5. Yoga sure seems like it could fix everything in your body. This is really very helpful. Thanks Naomi.

  6. Εισαι σαν γοργόνα με αυτο το κολάν!


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