English Garden Munich

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While sitting in my all new apartment in Athens, freezing my bottom up.
I decide to take comfort in the memories of hot summer days spent doing practically nothing in the English garden.
The pictures I have from my time in Munich and travelling around Germany are too many, I am not even sure if I would be able to post them all.
When I decided to move to Athens, I wasn't expecting this kind of weather, so now that it is super cold and even snowing, I feel a little bit betrayed!
Yes Athens! Get it together and give me warm days, I didn't sign up for this, hihi.
I am so not being a nag! Just imagine getting sick with a bad cold on NYE!!?
Back to the flawless english garden in Munich, it is one of the many MUST SEE in the city.
Right in the centre of Munich, opposite the Ludwig Maximilian University, cited one of the World's largest urban park, larger than the New York Central Park.

I missed getting lost in my thoughts, teaching yoga, chilling like in the images with my friends and just walking around to discover the surfers on the Eisbach , while checking out the  Japanese Teahouse.
If I was to go back to Germany, Munich will still be my chosen city to live, because of how it gracefully gives the residents, a big city experience plus a country lifestyle.
I love that there is always a park, and there is always something magical to discover in it.
The isar river running through the english garden, make it a home for so many winter surfers.
I met so many people and learn so many cultures, just by going to the english garden on a sunny afternoon.
I have so may cherished memories from the English Garden and I strongly believe it really deserved more than a one time visit.
If you happen to find yourself in Munich, go hang out there with your beer and if you are there during the summer months, keep in mind nudism is allowed in the park.
Check out the Chinese tower, the Eisbach, the Japanese Teahouse and the Monopteros.
After all your tour, you might need to go for a relaxing bowl of  icecream at the best ice cream shop in Munich

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 photo CIMG0036_zpsba1548ec.jpg Thank you for reading !
Is Munich in your list of places to visit now?


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  2. Must be a dreamy and peaceful place, wish I visited it soon, the first pic is outstanding! I cannot see the others though!:/ Hope the weather improves in Athens, is freezing even here! Hugs my girl xo

  3. Thank you my girl! There was a slight technical problem that is now fixed!
    Thank you for bringing it to my attention doll!

  4. It is just nice to see fellow bloggers in their comfort zone sometimes. Relaxed and doing everyday stuff. I have heard great things about the weather in Greece. Oh well, maybe it is just different this time around. Hopefully it is for a little while. Thankk=s for sharing and Happy New Year Naomi. You were just as much of a significant part of my 2014. Appreciated!


  5. I would never have thought that it gets cold in Athens? I thought it was hot there all year around.


  6. Nice trip, I know now what I have too see when I will be in Greece on holiday ;) Greetings from Poland :* www.sandina.pl

  7. Thank you so much for this post about our wonderful Bavarian capital! I can also highly recommend to visit this town :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena



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