You and I (You are more than PERFECT)

 photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3783_zps86e3e70d.jpg
wearing:Dress: Oasp, Blazer: Romwe, Shoes: Tsakiris Mallas, Necklace handmade, Hat: Ebay, Ring: H&M, Earrings: Bombom Jewelry
My love letter to you, yes you reading this post.
I hope you know you are stunning, that little crooked smile right there in the corner of your mouth is what I love.

I love that nose of yours, those legs that you think make you look like a footballer or even too masculine to wear a dress.
Honey, you are so beautiful, you can't even comprehend how hurt I am right now that I have to reassure you every single time.
I am hurt because you have allowed the insecurities of narrow minded people to overshadow that beautiful smile of yours.
Their discrimination and gullible judgement, have made you forget how unique and incomparable you are. Stop trying to fit in , stand out and smile. I love that about you.
Don't you know that being you is all that matters? That is what beauty is.
Please do smile, love, trust and if you feel like wearing your bikini , do so.
Your body, soul, mind, brain, heart are what make you  beautiful .
Forget the mirrors, the prototypes, the magazines, the reality shows, listen to me right now. YOU are flawless, gorgeous,intellectual, independent, capable, stunning , amazing and wonderful.
I would love to never have to write you this kind of letter again, to never have to remind you , but I will just so you won't forget how amazing you are.
You don't need to loose weight, change your boobs, nose, skin colour, hair, or anything for that matter if you don't want to.
You are love, and to me love is perfect, so baby you are perfect.
Buy that dress you are afraid to wear, shave your hair if that is what you want. Embrace you
Forget them all and remember it is just you and I
Since it is just us, remember this always, I say YOU are PERFECT! 

 photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3848_zpsfc86e98a.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3844_zpsb8421c54.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3859_zpsbe98ca55.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3849_zpsd6ac1f88.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3860_zps4cc3e1f6.jpg
 photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3787_zps2278caff.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3780_zps3dfbf001.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3807_zps5b309f96.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3816_zpsf3171cc9.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3810_zpsf8b8de6c.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3823_zpsa43daac5.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3802_zps389796fc.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3830_zps7917f9d0.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3840_zpsced32179.jpg photo RRMDIJKSTRA-LOW-3833_zps1326f1b6.jpg


  1. Awww; you are so right; very inspiring words. Beautiful color combination.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So, so touching and sweet. My gosh, your photos are breathtaking. Love the high resolution quality and the pretty colors of your outfit. Yo look incredible!

  3. For sure you are! And looking just GORGEOUS in this shooting, great style and wonderful u! <3

  4. sOO INSPIRED!!!!!

  5. You look so beautiful! I love the yellow dress on you. Such a great post!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Very beautifully written and touching! Love the yellow/pink outfit of yours. The photos are stunning!

  7. Thank you so much for the encouragement <3 Everybody should read your wonderful text every day! Love the elegant outfit you have created! You look beauitful and like a model and the location you have chosen is also perfect!

    Lovely greetings from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  8. Lovely photos... love the first one most!

  9. Adeola, I just want to give you the world's biggest hug. What a beautiful, beautiful post and so well written. I needed to be reminded of this, I've had a hard few weeks and the last two days have been brutal. I've let the opinion of sheep define and scratch me away to nothing lately, so thank you for reminding me that they are sheep, nothing more. <3


  10. Such beautiful words. Reading the post, yet starting from the title, I have though of one song... "Something" of Leila Hathaway :)

    Lu |

  11. You are always welcome my doll! We all deserve to remember this every single second.
    Love and kisses


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