Sacrifices and Compromises

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People promise each others the world and beyond, and then in a single moment all hope is gone.
Doesn't making sacrifices for others a little too much?  especially when it comes to romance, why would you want to change your life plans for someone you are not even sure if they are the one?
Do you actually believe in the one?
So what if things don't work out ? who will you blame? why not just respect their choices to move on and find something you both deserve?
This post feel like a questionnaire but right now my head is like a boiling pot with a million ingredients that are ready to explode.
On the other hand, this look is taken at the infamous  Munich Marientplatz with no compromises or sacrifices but with love unlimited and a bucket full of joy and some blurred lines effect

Leading my kind of life comes with a bunch of heartbreaks but will you call my choices of "all or nothing " heartless and cold?
If a couples choices are so different then why would the romance ever work anyway?
I am sure polka dots don't sacrifice and neither does the genius that come up with the plan of that amazing sight behind me.
If this post confuse you about me, you are welcome to this train of confusion, if you want to pitch in with your opinion. Please do go ahead and enlighten us all.
Do you believe in sacrifices and compromises?
Was wearing: Dress from H&M, Bag: DKNY, Leggings: Esprit, Scarf: Longchamp, Boots: Vintage

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  1. Yes, I believe in them, especially if they are worth :) Hope everything turned out for the best for u my girl, u deserve to be happy. These photos are gorgeous as well as you are!:) Hugs! xo

  2. Love the pics Adeola & the new Blog layout! xoxo

  3. Love is rare but it does exist. Wish you the best hun. Love your pictures,

  4. gorgeous travel photos! great post!

  5. Love is around us just need to recognize it and off course needs sacrifices and compromises, beautiful pictures :)

  6. Ich mag Dein Outfit sehr, es ist so lebendig und steht Dir so gut! I think sacrifices are not the right way for managing a happy life as I think if one is doing a scarifices this person is expecting a "thank you". But a thank you shouldn't be the intention to do something. We should do only the things about them we are convinced and which we do without expecting anything. Compromises are sometimes necessary but they should be in balance.

    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine schöne Woche!

    Lovely greetings the Bavarian country side, Rena

  7. Sacrifices and compromises are only worth it and possible if both sides make the effort.

  8. Thanks my baby! You are always amazing and encouraging!


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