How to Style Wide Brim Hat (Ballerina Style)

 photo IMG_2876_zps4126e226.jpg
Wearing: H&M Conscious Tulle Skirt, DKNY bucket bag, Levi's denim Vest, Zara Blazer, Italian tan leather boots, vintage hat and Lancôme red lipstick.
Who doesn't love a ballerina? but does that mean we want to go out to work and  look like one?
I told you the hat is my new style addictions, it has nothing to do with me having a bad hair day but everything to do with the magical power of the wide brim hat to transform any look into a street style/ editorial worth look.
So here is my second post on the "how to style a wide brim hat" series.
If you want to wear your tulle skirt to work, nothing should stop you.

Just remember to wear a very "strict" blazer, comfortable boots and throw your hat on.
The biggest secret is to go with monochromatic palette and then throw some pop of colour with your accessories, in my case the necklace and my red lips of course.
So who else is a big fan of tulle skirt styled with a hat?
 photo IMG_2858_zps83263c33.jpg photo IMG_2860_zps16eee40f.jpg photo IMG_2853_zps1abdf899.jpg photo IMG_2852_zps9415327d.jpg photo IMG_2849_zps408ad40d.jpg
 photo IMG_2893_zps015300b5.jpg photo IMG_2839_zps765fadcd.jpg photo IMG_2901_zps0b39e758.jpg photo IMG_2899_zps0f1a7ea1.jpg photo IMG_2894_zps0390009b.jpg photo IMG_2886_zps087d3652.jpg photo IMG_2888_zpse78b3fb7.jpg photo IMG_2875_zpsd1a5f9d2.jpg photo IMG_2880_zpsc6beb140.jpg photo IMG_2873_zps790ee259.jpg photo IMG_2877_zps71b464c7.jpg photo IMG_2868_zps0411aa68.jpg photo IMG_2870_zps835e885c.jpg photo IMG_2864_zpse2d8074f.jpg photo IMG_2867_zpsf414358a.jpg photo IMG_2863_zps948c2c28.jpg photo IMG_2855_zpsbf880b25.jpg


  1. I I love wide brim hats, your is so cool and I like the idea of styling it with a ballerina skirt!

  2. Yep, I am! And totally love your skirt! Looking outstanding Adeola and the lipstick color suits u! Hugs <3

  3. Hahaha, it is so funny you said, nobody wants to go out looking like one. True, but i love a tulle skirt. You look adorable and your shots look like so much fun. Nice :).

  4. Nice styling; that necklace, nail polish and tulle skirt are simply fab.

  5. ΤΟ αγάπησα αυτό το Outfit!!! You look awesome magical in it doll!

  6. francesca romana capizziNovember 26, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    so lovely with this outfit and hat

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. Love the skirt! I want to have the same.


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