How to squat tips for beginners and pros (Video Tutorial)

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A fitness tutorial for the most amazing full body workout exercise.
Yes people, SQUAT. There are a lot of myths about squatting out there, but that will be a post for a whole other day.
Just so you know the video is highly requested by so many of you and I really hope it helps out with your questions.

But in case, you still want more info just leave me your question and I will try my best to answer you all personally.
One thing to note is squatting is a full body exercise not only a lower body thing and it really can"t get your rounded big butt but it can give you the fittest and strongest body out there.
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Tips: Always keep your chest out and core tight.

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  1. Great great post!

  2. This was super helpful! I would love to see more workout videos, especially now that I'm trying to get back into it after a very long break. Do you know of any good exercises that don't put too much pressure on your knees? I had an injury and my doctor said I should avoid 'bending' and jumping as much as possible, but every full body exercise that I've come across (especially aerobic ones) seems to be centered around those two things...

  3. Oh I wish I was as fit as you. Thanks for sharing this video! I am currently getting back into shape and I found it very motivating.

  4. You look fantastic in the video! And thanks for the tip, for sure its is so so helpful as I always dont know how much have to go down. You are such an amazing body! Happy weekend xo

  5. Wonderful video dear, you're so cute! Have a great time in Crete. xx/Madison

  6. That is such a an awesome post. Aww, aren't you so sweet. Now i know who to call when i need some extra push and toned lower bum area. Thanks boo.

  7. Ahhh squats! I've been using these more lately. A friend shared with me a "booty" workout that involves far too many squats for my liking lol. I might move onto yours and give this a go instead now. Though I imagine my thighs will still be burning after!



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