How to relax from stress and come out of turkey coma in two yoga poses.

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Some days all we want is to curl down and relax, that doesn't mean we are lazy.
It just means wee need to listen to our bodies, and most especially after the turkey coma of Thanksgiving.
So today's fitness post is all about relaxing and doing it right.

Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV and eating leftovers, why not roll your mat and relax in these restorative yoga poses?
For those of us who had no turkey because we are Europeans and don't celebrate Thanksgiving, if you feel like taking a break this weekend, this is for you and if not, then go ahead and challenge your squat to the next level by choosing a harder position or doing more reps video here

How to:

1. Lay down on the mat, raise your feet up against a wall.
Flex your toes, raise your knee caps, raise your hands over your head with fingers entwined.
relax there and let gravity do it's work by pulling your pelvic floor and entire body to the earth.
Stay as long as you wish with minimum 2 minutes.
2. Roll back on your side, with knees to your chest.
Give yourself a tight and sincere hug.
Close your eyes and stay here as long as you wish.
I wish you all a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend and all the best.
I am thankful for you all, for the love, encouragement and support.

PS: For those who are planning to hit the shopping scene this Black Friday weekend, check out a dear co- blogger awesome list of where to shop and save a lot of money  here.
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  1. Lol for turkey coma, you made me so laugh! I would definitely try them both. Enjoy the weekend dear Adeola, kisses! xo

  2. I need relax this weekend, happy weekend dear!


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