Fitness Friday : Chair Pose/Utkatasana

I have not being a faithful fitness friday fan lately, but here we go again.
Regardless of the hiatus on the post, my fitness journey is a lifestyle and daily routine.
I can not go a day without hopping on my yoga mat, doing some drills and off course training, I am a competing runner notwithstanding.
If you have been following me on instagram, you can testify to that.
So since moving to Athens, I have been trying to get thing back to normal on the blogging scene thing.
I feel like I have this immense passion to deliver, like I have a big mission and the creative, positive energy in Athens is just driving me to deliver.
 Today's post is all about the one move that works your entire body, engaging all the muscles in your body in one single exercise is a bonus for all busy bees who can't make it to the gym.
I don't say this is should replace your normal workout but if you can drop down and sit on that invisible chair  for five minutes daily, I will take that over nothing.
check the how tos, benefit and tips below.

 photo chair_zps70e1d8b5.jpg
wearing: H&M tank top, Esprit leggings and Adidas sport bra.

How to:
Start in Mountain pose (Standing upright with feet hip width apart), 
Make sure your big toes are touching.
With a big inhale, raise your arms over your head, bring your palms together and look towards your thumbs.
With a big exhale, sink down from your hips and bend your knees as if you are sitting on an invisible chair.
Keep your back straight and try to keep your thighs parallel to the floor as much as you can and take five long breath here.
Engage your entire core and all the muscle in your pelvic area.

Tips for Beginners:
Use a wall to stay balance in this pose and once you find your balance, walk slowly away from it.
and always remember to stay grounded through your heels, it takes a lot of patience.
Tips for Pros:
Balance on your toes and try to bring your knees together.
If your find your balance, bring your hands on your quads and stay as long as you can.
sometimes, when this is all the practice I can get , I stay and work on this pose for an hour or even longer. Make sure your spine is elongating by trying to reach the sky from the crown of  your head.

This is a full body workout asana that, strengthens your shoulders, ankles, calves, tights, chest and spine.
It stimulates all your internal organs, tones the abdominal organs and your friend on those days of the months (ladies I hope you are listening )
It helps with you stay grounded and patience throughout your practice which of course reflect on your lifestyle.

I hope this post as helped someone and if your have any question or request for next fitness posts, please feel free to comment below or send me an email.


  1. This post made me smile, you know, after having seen it on IG Ive started to make it daily, I wish you teached me yoga everyday, you are amazing! Hugs my girls, have a great weekend!

  2. I have neglected my fitness routine for the past few years and I am now determined to get back on track again and also make it part of my lifestyle.

  3. Great tip and inspiration hun. I need this, I will use this apart of my workout stretching. Happy Monday. xx
    The Darkest Days

  4. I really admire your discipline and commitment. Fantatastic tutorial. Thanks Naomi.


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