Fashionable Halloween

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Dressing up, exploration of personal style, trying something out of the "normal" that is what comes to my mind about what Halloween.
I don't like scary costumes and I am not against them either but I believe the fashion scene is a pretty authentic and diverse inspiration for Halloween costumes.
So if you are also not into ghosts and scarecrows, if you are like me, who will rather "dress up" as Grace Kelly or just explore your personal style than put a scary mask. This post is for you then, here are some looks from the streets of the fashion month that might inspire your very own fashionable Halloween look!

Have fun
PS: I am officially back to Athens, writing this post on my bed right now somewhere in Athens.
Pray with me that all goes well in Athens for I have a strong feeling it will be WONDERFUL!!

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  1. That first outfit is a show stopper! I wish you all of God's blessings in Athens.

  2. Καλως ηρθες κορίτσι
    και καλό μήνα να έχεις!

  3. Wow, that first look is amazing, very dramatic and artful ... love it! x
    Autumn Layers

  4. Loving these inspiration photos! <3

  5. Oh I didn't know that you were going to return to Athens.


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