Happy Girl

Hey you all!!!
Missed me as much as I missed you all?
It has been a terrific period for me with so many surprises and great memories.
My IG friends can all testify to this.
I will share all with you in due time.
Here is a post of an outfit I wore during a teaching session I had with a new yoga student, oh yes I started teaching yoga to beginners for free during this summer.
It is just so fulfilling and incredible to see their happy faces and tired smile after the session.
I am so happy to tell you also that I will be moving to Athens!!!
I can't tell you how happy I am right now, my only job is to ship my things back home and take all my happy self to Athens in November.
So here is to happiness and happy girls
Skirt:Vintage, Top: Nike pro, Shoes: Birkenstock
 photo IMG_1272_zps63952e48.jpg
 photo IMG_1301_zps2231024c.jpg photo IMG_1267_zpsa3f3dc51.jpg photo IMG_1268_zps2da26417.jpg
 photo IMG_1292_zps2e6fe454.jpg photo IMG_1290_zpsc5d51db8.jpg photo IMG_1284_zpsb701c243.jpg photo IMG_1273_zps53a0cc6b.jpg photo IMG_1293_zpsce3a2480.jpg


  1. Lovely outfit and smily face is the perfect combination....we r waiting for u doll....

  2. Welcome back! You look great in these pics!

  3. Hey you girl! <3 You have to teach yoga also to me, I need it!:P Looking smashing, you are such an amazing body and are so lovely! Hugs!

  4. Yay, a post from you!! ♥ Not that I wouldn't have been stalking you everywhere, hehe ;) once you get settled in Athens, I will send you a little something ♥

  5. Cheers to happiness, happy girl, success and that outfit!! You deserve all the great things coming your way. Nothing comes without hard work!


  6. Wow Athens you must be so excited. I wish you all the best.

  7. I will resume to babysitting duty from NOvember!!

  8. Γεια χαρά κορίτσι!
    Μα φυσικά και σε χάσαμε :)
    Alla αφυ περασες καλα ειανι ΟΚ!
    Τι ωραια που κάνεις yoga... να μας κανεις και εμας χα χα.
    Καλώς να ερθεις στην Αθηνα.

  9. I am more than excited!!! Thanks a lot dear!

  10. You are amazing my dear sarcastic friend! I am sure it will be worth the wait!


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